Wild seas, red flags, official warnings, and still people go in the water












What does it take? The seas are wild today, and they will be wild tomorrow. Red flags are flying on the beaches in the west, south and east of the island. Unless they are forecasting spectacularly wild seas, I normally don’t post alerts for “costeros” because common sense normally prevails, but today there has been a drowning in Playa Paraiso and an incident off the Arona coast around 5.30 this afternoon where three men between 30 and 46 are in hospital after being rescued with minor injurires caused by their small boat being dashed against rocks.

Yet again emergency services had to take risks, helicopters had to be scrambled, and peoples’ lives were endangered in seas that common sense might have been expected to dictate should be left well alone. Red flags mean “don’t go in the water”. Aropol has now issued an official request for people to obey the official warnings not just from the Met Office but from the police as well. As always, emergency rescues required for those involved in incidents that they should not have been involved in are likely to be charged.

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