Helping Hands children’s charity gets involved in Eidher’s cause

Updated 5.30pm: To clarify the account(s) that people can donate to. The IBAN on the poster below is for Caja Siete … Eidher’s father says that the titular is “Fundacion eidher”. There is also a second account, a personal account used solely for Eidher’s medical treatment: this is La Caixa, with Eidher as titular, and the IBAN is ES35 2100 1518 18 0100432237 as shown on the image immediately below. Eidher’s father says that either account will be fine.

eider account 2

Updated 3 August: The wonderful children’s charity, Helping Hands – a legal asociación (see HERE) – has said that it will join in helping Eidher, and also hold an event to raise further money for his treatment. Liz Montague of Helping Hands says that she will post the details on the asociacion’s Facebook page HERE shortly. Helping Hands also has a main website HERE. Wonderful of Liz to get involved on Eidher’s behalf, and I’m sure the event she organizes will be great fun in a marvellous cause.

Updated 2 August 2016: I know everyone has different ideas about this type of request, but no-one can deny that this little boy’s father is determined to do everything he can to keep his child alive. Eidher needs five more treatments in the US, at a total cost of €400,000, and Juanka Hernández has said on his Facebook page that he’ll travel through the Canaries, hitching lifts, sleeping rough, whatever it takes, trying to find 200,000 people each to gift his son €2. If you can and will help, here is the poster showing the IBAN (international bank account number) to donate the money – the bank is Caja Siete, but the IBAN should be enough to do a transfer.

eidher account

Updated 5 August 2015: Eidher will arrive in Boston today with his mother, the Fundación has announced. The little boy’s father thanked everyone for their prayers and heroic efforts to get the family this far. Initial tests for the treatment start when Eidher is admitted to hospital tomorrow, and everyone, including doctors, is hopeful of a cure for the unique genetic condition from which he suffers.

Updated 10 May: Such an excellent result! Eidher will shortly be on his way to Boston, his parents have confirmed, after all the money needed was raised. Just a month ago, as I posted below, they were only a third of the way towards affording it, but now thanks to the generosity of the public, Eidher is on his way. The little boy’s parents say they are beyond grateful for the support, dedication and goodwill they’ve been shown.

Original post 11 April 2015: Eidher Portillo is a little Tenerife boy who’s five years old. He’s the son of well-known comedian Juanka Hernández from En clave de Ja. And he has a rare – indeed unique – genetic condition that is, doctors say, “incompatible with life”. In other words, Eidher shouldn’t be alive. But he is. He also has a fundación named after him – what we would know as a charitable foundation. The Fundación Eidher campaigns to raise awareness of children’s rare illnesses in general, and specifically to get Eidher to the Boston Children’s Hospital, the only one which can help him (the hospital’s website is HERE).

The foundation has a website HERE, a Facebook page HERE (and HERE), and please also see my page HERE for definitions of “charity” in Spain, and confirmation that this is a legal organization such as we imagine when we hear the word charity. Monies raised are directly made to the foundation, are officially vetted as described on that last link, and contribute to the fund to get Eidher to Boston. They’re a third of the way to affording it, and would really appreciate help in getting the remaining two-thirds to help Eidher get the care that he needs.


  1. I live in San Eugenio in the south and would like to get involved in voluntary work. Do you have any ideas please?

  2. Author

    I’ve just updated to clarify, Steph. The IBAN on the poster is for Caja Siete … Eidher’s father says that the titular is “Fundacion eidher”. There is also a second account, a personal account used solely for Eidher’s medical treatment: this is La Caixa, with Eidher as titular, and the IBAN is ES35 2100 1518 18 0100432237. Eidher’s father says that either account will be fine.

  3. Hi Janet,could you please give us the account details where we can pay the donations.

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