Wind and rain for Tuesday promise firms up

Updated 19 October: They are still saying it’s guaranteed! Maybe not for absolutely everyone, and no doubt there’ll be the usual social media chorus of “not a drop where I am” … but it is coming, and La Palma will get it first with the eastern islands getting a bit less but still some from the afternoon. And the wind has already started at altitude, with some amazing cloud formations, and given the size and height of them, and the way they’re transforming into the familiar “Teide hat” lenticular shape, the speed of it all amply demonstrates the strength of that wind. It’ll be more noticeable for all of us tomorrow, it seems, and Aemet, who have produced the following animated graphic, says that the wind will be the biggest factor tomorrow. especially in the SW medianías and altitude. To paraphrase Feste from Shakespeare’s Twelth Night, it might not raineth every day but heyho, the wind and the rain … let’s hope, for the rain, anyway!

Original post 17 October: Wind and rain, 100% guaranteed … a tall order and not one to commit to lightly, but Aemet has done that. The national Met Office says that we can expect the arrival of the southern end of a large front connected with a storm centred on the west of the mainland. Aemet says that the likeliest scenarios they are working with now “show a 100% probability of rainfall in the western islands, with some rain in the eastern ones too. 100%. Well …

As well as the rain, the circulation of this low pressure area will see wind from the south, increasing significantly especially at altitude, starting tomorrow, particularly affecting the medianías and altitude in Tenerife and La Palma.

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