Stormy weather in Tenerife from Sunday

Update 25 November: And rain there was! Once again Tenerife covered by the wet stuff. Thank heavens … literally!

Update 24 November: The forecast, and alert, has now been extended to include Monday as well, with the forecast strong gusts of up to 90 km/h inreased to 120 km/h at altitude. The wind will be coming from the south-west, moving more to a direct westerly later. It does also look, now, as though we might have the first snowy peak on Teide of the winter.

Original post 23 November: It looks like some more rain might be in store for us this Sunday, with Aemet raising a yellow alert for up to 60mm over Saturday night and throughout Sunday. It should also be blustery, with an orange alert for winds increasing to gusts of 90 km/h throughout the day.

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