Winter flu now officially an “epidemic”

Update 2 February 2012: The Canarian Government says the flu is now at “epidemic” rates in the islands. This simply means, however, that registered cases have doubled in the last week, and it is the rate of increase, rather than number of cases, that allows the epidemic category. There are currently fewer than 2 in 1000 cases being registered, the actual rate is 198 in 100,000, with six being considered serious enough to require admission to hospital. Rates are expected to increase over the next month or so, however, particularly among those who are vulnerable, so it is more important than ever for those groups (as below) to see a doctor and get the vaccination as promptly as possible now.

Original post 28 September 2011: Sanidad has announced the start of this winter’s flu vaccination campaign. Some 275,000 doses are in place in surgeries for patients between 3 October and 31 December. Canarian Government health minister, Brígida Mendoza, stressed that the vaccination is important for anyone with a heightened risk, including those with viral infections, immuno-deficiency problems, the elderly, pregnant women, children, asthma suffers, etc., as well as those who have a high level of interaction with the public. PV

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