Winter flu vaccination campaign 2020-2021: vaccines will be available by prior appointment from 15 October

Updated 7 Updated: Canarian Health Secretary Blas Trujillo and Sanidad’s  Epidemiology Section Chief and President of the Spanish Vaccine Association Amos García have presented this morning the regional Government’s 2020-21 flu campaign which will start next Thursday, 15 October. The two stressed, as I mentioned yesterday, that the vaccine is seen as far more important this year even than in others because of the stresses already placed on the health system by the Covid19 outbreak.

This year the Canarian Government has spent nigh on €2m for 320,000 doses with an additional reserve of 60,000 doses from the national Health Department. The Government has increased supplies by around 50% this year compared with last to service an anticipated rise in take-up by the most vulnerable. These groups are well known as comprising the elderly, the chronically ill, those with respiratory conditions, pregnant women, the morbidly obese, and health workers themselves.

Patients must request an appointment to get the vaccine, which will be available from 15 October. Those who wish to do so can ring 012 or the free lines 922 470 012 and 928 301 012.

Original post 6 October: The Canarian Government has received the vaccines for this year’s flu campaign this morning, President Ángel Torres has confirmed. The campaign has been running for some time but supplies were not assured and so the most that could be said, and was said by Sanidad (Spain), was that vaccinations should be able to start in the first fortnight of October. Now, with this announcement, Sanidad (Canarias) says that patients will be able to get a flu jab in just a few days. The regional campaign proper will be unveiled tomorrow.  

Every year, Sanidad says that it will not cease in its efforts to continue to increase the numbers covered by the vaccine, especially among the most vulnerable, and reminds the public that even though there has not been an epidemic in the last few years, hospital A&E units are still overwhelmed each winter with numbers needing assistance. This year, that warning is greatly amplified because the ongoing covid outbreak is placing stresses on the health system that it doesn’t usually have to contend with in addition to winter ailments.

Those in the groups most at risk are the elderly, the chronically ill, those with respiratory conditions, pregnant women, the morbidly obese, and health workers themselves. I’ll update tomorrow with firm details of Sanidad’s campaign, but for now, patients can start getting in touch with their surgeries or local chemists to pre-book an appointment for their flu vaccination.


  1. As a Portuguese resident,I will be in Tenerife between the Times I usually have my flu injection.Can I pay at a local chemist and have it done ?I’m 68 and my husband is 77,so important.

    1. Author

      As far as all available information suggests, the answer is no because it is being reserved this year for those in the state health system so that it can be targeted. Visitors are assumed to be able to access it in the place they habitually live.

  2. Thank you so much for this information Janet.
    You are so helpful to us all as always.
    It is so important we Pensioners have this vaccination this winter.
    I will make an appointment for myself and my other half.

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