Winter flu vaccination campaign 2018-2019

Canarian health department Sanidad’s 2018-19 winter flu vaccination campaign has started, with vaccinations available from health centres from next Monday, 29 October. Sanidad says that it will not cease in its efforts to continue to increase the numbers covered by the vaccine, especially among the most vulnerable, and reminds the public that even though there has not been an epidemic in the last few years, hospital A&E units are still overwhelmed each winter with numbers needing assistance.

Those in the groups most at risk are the elderly, the chronically ill, those with respiratory conditions, pregnant women, the morbidly obese, and health workers themselves. Sanidad has bought over a quarter of a million doses, including some with adjuvant (an addition to the vaccine to increase the immune system’s response), distributed throughout the Canaries. Yet again the public generally and especially anyone at risk from flu complications are urged to see their doctor or call 012 as soon as possible to arrange a vaccination appointment the 29th.



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