Sales in full swing

Updated 9 January 2017: Despite an announcement in November that sales periods will now be at the free choice of retailers and no longer limited officially to specific dates, the winter sales period proper starts today, with many shops offering hefty discounts even in advance of the February “half” of the traditional sales period, the “second sales” where prices are reduced even further. Happy bargain hunting!

Original post 29 November 2016: Until now, there have been set sales periods governed by official dictat, and under the scheme, the official January sales were due to start as usual on Saturday, 7 January, the day after Reyes, and finish on 6 March. Now, however, it seems that free rein is to be given to shops to hold sales whenever they like, as the Canarian Government has accepted national Court rulings that the sales periods should be fixed by commercial and not political considerations.

And so, under Real Decreto-Ley 20/2012, a law concerning budgetary stability and trading competition, and given that shops were already offering reductions outside of official sales periods, we are likely to find the law catching up with reality and accepting that rebajas will start not in the new year at all, but before Christmas, and may not actually end at the beginning of March, as traditional. The Canarian Government has reiterated that the law, and the newly accepted situation for sales periods, only affects prices, and not consumer rights, which remain undiminished.


  1. When the sales period ends on this year?

    1. Author

      As it says above, 6 March, but there is no legal sales period any more.

  2. So Tenerife slowly moves into the 21st century. Business booms in countries like the UK which do not have un-necessary restrictions on business.

  3. Do the sales include furniture? .

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