Wizz Air confirming to passengers by advance email that they can only fly to Spain if legal residents in possession of and carrying a Certificado de Registro

I’ve had a call from someone trying to confirm information received by email from Wizz Air. Clearly they are now emailing passengers booked on imminent flights to explain that they can only enter Spain if they are Spanish or foreigners who are legal residents with original Certificado de Registro with them as proof, and that if they don’t have such a document, or have it with them, they should not travel. The document is also regularly called a residencia, a green NIE, green card.

The company is blaming “further restrictions” imposed by Spain when there’s been no change in rules. At all. The measures have been in place the whole while that Wizz Air has been taking bookings, and while people on other companies’ flights have been coming into Spain only to be refused permission to disembark and flown straight back to the UK. This has been known about from the off, and it’s difficult to understand Wizz Air only now saying that this is the situation. The clarification is welcome, but blaming non-existent additional rules does rather make it look like a whitewashing exercise, at best.



  1. and the future schedule seems to have gone, as well. Is this because TFS was not included on the new list of airports authorised to accept incoming passengers? Only LPA appears to be included within the Canary Islands.

    1. Author

      That has been corrected, and I’ve just updated the Long Road thread with the information. TFS has been confirmed by the Tenerife President this afternoon to be open. I can see no connection with regular cancellations that have been going on now for weeks. And this is because we are in a State of Emergency because there’s a health emergency and I think it’s self-evident there will be disruption – what else can be expected in a global pandemic and a national State of Emergency? The official line from all quarters is CHECK WITH AIRLINES. Nothing else can be said usefuly about the subject, and I am not going to go back into flights issues so I’ll close this now to comment.

  2. Not wanting to reopen the wizz air saga, but may i just say that 2 friends, both over 80, in some desperation took the wizz air flight on Tuesday gone, and paid for a taxi from from the North East coast to get them home from Luton. Left Los Gigantes at 1700 and arrived home at 0700 on weds morning.
    Tonight’s same flight from Tfs is cancelled.

  3. We are trying to get back to UK. We have waited in quarantine according to the law since our flight on April 7th was cancelled with Jet2. We have since booked with Wizzair and again cancelled. Have now ‘re booked for May 23rd. Can we be assured of our flight? We are aged 79 and 81 and wish to get home!!!

    1. Author

      I’m afraid that no, there are no assurances. All official advice is to check with airlines. No-one else can give you any guarantees. In respect of “waited in quarantine”, i don’t know what you mean. The only quarantine in force is a brand new measure that came in yesterday and is imposed on people coming into Spain, not anyone already here.

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