Woman critically ill after near drowning at Los Cristianos’ Playa del Camisón

Only a week ago I posted about a 65-year-old man who was critically ill after nearly drowning in Las Galletas, one of a series of such accidents recently, and now the same thing has happened to a 55-year-old woman who had been swimming at Playa del Camisón in Los Cristianos. Again, emergency services were called out with reports that she had been pulled unconscious from the water, and she too was resuscitated, stabilized, and transferred to hospital where she remains in critical condition, but alive. It seems to me that people get too hot while sunbathing, and some add alcohol into the equation, and the coolness of the water is too much of a shock to the system. Take care on the beaches here, beause this happens far too often.


  1. Hello,I was one of the people that pulled this lady from the water on the morning of the 17th which was quite a shock to my system as this was mine and my partners first holiday abroad and being our first day,if anyway possible is there any updates on this lady’s well being as it would be nice to know weather she survived this horrific incident. Thanks regards Gavin

  2. Author

    Hi Gavin, thanks for posting about your involvement. There’s been nothing else in the press about this, which you should take as very good news. They would have posted an update if she’d died, but in such cases rarely if ever post an update if it’s not “newsworthy”. I would presume very strongly that she recovered.

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