Woman dead in domestic violence murder in Las Rosas, Arona

Update 19 Sept: It seems that the self-inflicted wounds were not so much an attempt at suicide as an attempt to pass off his wife’s killing as self-defence. He appears even to have gone so far as to put the weapon in his dead wife’s hand. LO

Update 18 Sept 11pm: Some further tragic details. The couple has been named as Clementina Morales González and Luis Domingo M. A., originally from Arico but living in 44 Calle Imada, Las Rosas, for ten years. They had two children, a son of 19 named José Luis who was at his grandparents in Arico for the weekend, and a little girl of 4 who was in the apartment when the awful events happened.

Neighbours said that Luis was regularly to be found in a bar, where he was recently involved in an altercation, and was without fixed work. Others said that Clementina was quiet, and it seems that she had never denounced her husband for maltreatment.  PV

Original post 18 Sept 11am: There are many domestic violence cases each year, far too many, and far too many too end up as murder cases, and there is now another in Tenerife. I rarely post these news reports, but occasionally one seems more relevant than the others, and last night’s is one such because it happened in Las Rosas just outside Las Galletas, a general area where several regular readers live.

The poor woman, just 36 years old, was stabbed to death around 1am last night; her 54-year-old husband, now under arrest, has cuts himself from where he tried, but failed, to inflict the same damage on himself. His “courage” was greater when it came to knifing his wife, clearly. He is currently under arrest in Hospiten Sur where he said to be in a serious condition as his stomach and chest wounds are being treated. PV

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