Woman dies in fire in basement of commercial unit in Veronicas area of Playa de las Américas

A woman died last night in a fire in a local in the Veronicas area of Playa de las Américas. Emergency services say that they were called out shortly before 10pm with reports of a blaze in the basement of a commercial unit in the Francisco Andrade Fumero promenade, but that while bomberos were putting out the fire they found the woman in cardiac arrest. Sadly, all efforts to resuscitate her failed and she was declared dead at the scene.


  1. Paul done, although the emergency services were slower than UK, the first responders were doing CPR on the lady for a whole hour before giving up which I know In the UK they would of not tried so hard. They did their best, nobody was aware she was downstairs let alone locked in the ‘dancers club’ and living there.

    And downstairs has absolutely nothing to do with Joyce club, yet we had all of our staff from papagayo, Joyce, coco beach and Monte Carlo run down with fire extinguishers and try to get rid of the fire soon as it was known.

    And Joyce were waiting for customers to finish the drinks they had paid for before we made the decision to close due to what had happened as we were all in the unknown as to what was going on behind the sheet with the lady and how long the emergency services were going to be around. But we had chose to close in the end.

    It’s unfortunate that this has happened.

  2. the basement was nothing to do with the bar it was a ‘strip’ club underneath and the girl was locked inside the venue from the outside as she was living in there.

  3. Hi I was sat outside the pub when this was happening only until I googled this today was unaware someone was actually dying beneath my feet emergency services very slow and club still up and running bit upset today tjis would never happen in the uk it would have been shut down

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