Woman dies in Guaza motorway crash

Update 16 April: A Guardia Civil officer has been suspended in connection with this fatal accident. It seems that he was driving another car involved in the crash and was found to be over the limit when breath-tested at the time. It seems that many thought alcohol would be involved, but will perhaps be surprised at the way in which it’s actually turned out to be involved.

Original post 30 March: A 19-year-old woman died after a car crash on the northbound TF1 near the Guaza junction in the early hours of this morning. The accident happened at 4.30, and involved two cars, one of which seems to have run into the other and then overturned. Emergency services received several calls about the accident, and were on the scene quickly. They found that the woman was trapped in her vehicle, but that nothing could be done for her: she was confirmed dead at the scene and had to be cut out of the car by bomberos. There were two other occupants of the same vehicle who needed assistance: another young woman of 19 was transferred to Hospitén Sur with injuries said not to be serious, and a young man was taken to a health centre for minor treatment.

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