Woman dies in the sea at Playa del Duque

A 65-year-old Austrian woman died in the sea at Playa del Duque, in the Costa Adeje, just before 3pm this afternoon. Emergency services say that they were called out after fellow bathers pulled her from the water near to some rocks. Paramedics found her in cardiac arrest, a clear and recognized symptom of cold water shock, and took over attempts being made to resuscitate her by her rescuers, one of whom was a medical doctor. These efforts continued even as she was being transferred to the Quiron Costa Adeje Hospital, but to no avail, and sadly she was pronounced dead on arrival. Please be aware of how cold the sea is right now, and how rough it can be too at times of weather alerts. Please have a read HERE for advice on how to stay safe in Tenerife’s waters, and the dangers of cold water shock.


  1. Just thought I would say my family watched the whole thing unfold yesterday and very sad to see, very brave man went it and brought the lady out nearly drowning himself !
    Our lasting thought though was why were people walking round that very dangerous steep ledge, surely people should be stopped from walking round that particular ledge.
    Very very sad.

  2. Author

    Thanks Bart, it’s the gap between the people on the ground and the report that backs to the hub which sent them out. Thanks for the photo. Very sad.

  3. Unfortunally the official statement doesn´t always agree with the reality…
    As you can see on the picture HERE, the woman was already left unattended when still on the rocks, as there was nothing more they could do to save her life.

    For reasons we all know, they always say the victim died at arrival at the hospital… The picture proves that wasn´t the case.

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