Police investigation now murder enquiry as woman attacked in Parque de la Reina dies

Updated 5 September: The initial hearing has been held in Court and the son of the victim has been remanded in custody while her partner has been released. The investigation will now continue under the auspices of the Court. The primary hypothesis is that the son killed the mother, with the father attempting to cover up the crime.

Updated 3 September: Sadly this is now a murder enquiry for the police as the poor woman died yesterday in Candelaria Hospital’s intensive care unit.

Updated 2 September: The Guardia Civil has apprehended the son of the Croatian woman who was attacked. He is said to be 18 years old, and a suspect in the assault which is thought to have occurred after an argument with his mother. Police are still investigating the case, and the woman remains in critical condition.

Original post 1 September: A 42-year-old woman is in critical condition this evening after being stabbed and strangled in Residencial Jaspe, Parque de la Reina. The attack happened around 1.30pm, and her partner, said to be from Croatia, has been arrested, but police sources say that they are also looking for the couple’s son, who is missing, and considered to be a possible suspect.


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