Acid attack victim now released from hospital and in protected accommodation as investigation starts into attacker confirmed as ex-partner

Updated 22 November: The victim of the acid attack has now been released from hospital and is in protected accommodation. The man under arrest for her attack has been confirmed as an Italian who was her ex-partner; he was trying to flee Tenerife when he was arrested at TFS, and is now in custody while the investigation takes place.

Updated 3pm: The Policía Nacional say that they have detained a man in connection with the acid attack on a woman in the La Cuesta part of the metropolitan area last night. Police say that the man was arrested in TFS, and the Government has confirmed that the man was named by the woman herself as her assailant though it is unclear whether he was trying to flee Tenerife or was in the airport for other reasons. His victim remains in serious but not life-threatening condition.

Original post 21 November: It is an increasingly common tragic occurrence in the British news these days, but I’ve never heard of it here before. Police say that they are seeking a man in relation to an acid attack on a woman in the La Cuesta region of the Santa Cruz-La Laguna metropolitan area around 9.30pm last night. The woman has been admitted to HUC University Hospital where her condition is said to be serious, and police say that their main preliminary hypothesis is that it is a case of domestic violence.

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