Police arrest man as presumed hit and run driver who killed woman on the La Esperanza-La Laguna road

Updated 14 June: Police say that they have arrested a 39-year-old La Esperanza man on suspicion of being the hit and run driver who killed the retired nurse a fortnight ago. The Guardia Civil have detained him on suspicion of committing a crime of omission in not stopping to assist someone in need, and of reckless killing.  Forensic evidence on the poor woman’s body and on the car, and video evidence from security cameras operated by local businesses, have helped to establish his identity. Police also thanked the public who assisted them and helped to limit the investigation to likely suspects.

Updated 13 June: The Guardia Civil is trying to identify the owner of the car involved in the hit and run incident which killed a retured nurse in her home town of La Esperanza. Yesterday, they located a car in a workshop for repairs which matched the make and model of the car reported by witnesses – a silver grey Renault Laguna. This is now in police custody, and the public is being asked to help identify its owner. There are no details being offered of who this might be, so one could imagine that the car might not be registered in the driver’s name. If anyone has any information that might help the enquiry, please contact the Guardia Civil on 062.

Original post 1 June: A 69-year-old woman died this evening after being knocked down by a car on the TF-24 La Esperanza road in La Laguna. The accident happened shortly before 8pm and emergency services say that they were called out with requests for help after she was run over. Sadly, however, paramedics were unable to help her due to the severity of her injuries and she was declared dead at the scene. Police say that the driver involved did not stop and that they are searching for him.

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