Woman killed by partner in San Isidro

Update 13 May: The judge of Granadilla’s Court 4, a court specialising in domestic violence, has imputed (declared as formal suspect) Pablo César Quinzo Quinzo, the victim’s partner, for murder. He had been in hospital after taking some toxic substance, but is now in prison without bail.  C24H

Original Post 10 May: A 33-year-old woman died at around 4pm this afternoon in her house in Calle Los González in San Isidro, in Granadilla de Abona, apparently at the hands of her 40-year-old partner. She was Ecuadorean, as is her partner, and it seems the couple have a very young child there. All that is being released at present is that the victim had neck injuries, and that her presumed aggressor has been taken to a hospital in critical condition, having apparently taken a toxic substance.  Neighbours and friends expressed their shock, and said the couple appeared to have been quiet and peacable. RTVC, C7

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