Woman knocked down and killed on El Médano to Los Abrigos road

A 60-year-old woman was knocked down and killed around 9.30pm this evening on the TF-643, El  Médano to Los Abrigos road. Emergency services were called out with reports of the accident near La Mareta but found her with such severe injuries that they were unable to safe her life. It is the second such incident in the last week in south Tenerife. On Monday a 66-year-old woman was knocked down shortly after 9am on the TF-375 near Arguayo, the secondary road from Chio to Santiago del Teide. She was taken to Candelaria hospital suffering from severe chest injuries, and remains in a serious condition.



  1. Hi Janet thank you very much for your reply, I’m afraid this accident was most definately my old friend Liz, I’m so saddened by this news but I thank you for taking the time to reply to me.

  2. Hi, I heard some sad news this morning about an old friend of mine who went to live in Tenerife about 11yrs ago that she was hit & killed about 3 wks (July 2014) ago by a car, I just googled this terrible accident & came across this page, I was wondering if this piece is about my friend who’s name was Liz hooper, she was originally from Wales.
    kim davies

    1. Author

      I’m afraid that I don’t have confirmation, but that is the name I’ve heard, Kim. I’m very sorry if it was indeed your friend.

  3. We live some of the year in La Mareta and frequently walk from there to both Los Abrigos and La Teita. We always walk towards the oncoming traffic but twice this year have almost met the same fate as this unfortunate lady. Both times the person who nearly killed us was the driver of a mini bus taxi who was overtaking another vehicle approaching us from behind and missed us by centimetres. He cannot have failed to see us as on both occasions it was broad daylight, He simply took the risk that we would not step an inch or two right onto the fringe of the road as he passed. This was always entirely possible as the fringe of the road is very stoney and hard to walk on and most people step onto the edge of the road if there is no oncoming traffic – you tend not to think that someone is attempting to overtake another vehicle behind you caring nothing for your safety. It is difficult to gage the speed the taxi passed us but from the speed it disappeared into the distance it was well in excess of 100 km/h on what is a minor road. The second time it happened the taxi had to brake behind a queue of cars in Los Abrigos joined by the car it overtook within a few seconds – how futile and what was the point of so recklessly endangering our lives? This is a road which has a high volume of pedestrians not least because of the travellers hostel in Mareta. I for one would welcome a more visible police presence – after all the main reason I walk is because I enjoy a drink and do not want to endanger anyone by driving home.

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