Woman nearly drowns in Puerto de la Cruz as sea conditions worsen

Emergency services say that a woman came dangerously close to drowning shortly after 9.30 this morning at Playa Jardín in Puerto de la Cruz. She was rescued by helicopter and resuscitated by paramedics before being flown to HUC, where she is said to be in serious condition, but alive. Four other people who tried to rescue her also got into difficulties and needed medical assistance: they were transferred to Hospiten Bellevue but are said not to be in serious condition.

The weather has been lovely, and the sea is deceptive. There is some bad weather coming, starting from this afternoon, as has been forecast for a few days now, see HERE, and the water will be rougher and colder than it might appear to a superficial glance. The conditions are expected to last for much of next week so please be extremely careful in the sea. There is more information HERE on the risks that Tenerife’s waters can pose, and how to enjoy them safely.

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