Woman stabbed in San Isidro jewellers robbery

Update 23 April: The Guardia Civil has detained three men on suspicion of this attack on the Ceila jewellers in San Isidro, and on suspicion also of seriously wounding the shop’s owner. The trio is accused of robbery with violence and intimidation, and wounding, and are now being processed by the judicial authorities. Two of the three are men of 23 and 30 years of age, both resident in the Granadilla municipality, and a 20-year-old Adeje man. All have a police record for varios robberies.

Update 14 April: The assailants of the Ceila jewellers are said to have had stockings over their faces like something out of a film. The “employee” was actually the shop’s owner; she was threatened and, when she resisted, the robbers stabbed her and fled with two Mercadona carrier bags full of jewellery and watches. Two men in a nearby bar were witnesses and attempted to stop the attack by closing the door and trapping the men inside. This had the unfortunate result, however, of making the thieves grab the woman and hold her as hostage, threatening to hurt her further if they weren’t allowed out. The threat, together with the sight of blood all over the floor from the wound already inflicted, persuaded the have-a-go heroes to back off. All that is currently known of the robbers is that one had long hair and the other was of medium height, and that they got away in a Opel Kadett or similar vehicle: not the most for the police to go on, unfortunately.

Sadly, this is just the latest in a series of robberies, numbers of which have skyrocketed. Police say that one ongoing series of attacks on jewellers is probably the work of one particular gang of three 25 (or so)-year-olds and that they’re on the trail. The gang possibly has connections to the Dominican Republic, and is thought to be responsible for seven assaults on jewellers netting some €500,000. It is not known if this particular robbery is connected with this series of crimes, or an unrelated incident.

Original post 13 April:  A 66-year-old woman has been seriously injured after being stabbed during a robbery this morning. Emergency services received reports just before 11am of two hooded men staging an assault on a jewellers in Avenida Santa Cruz de Tenerife in San Isidro. Police and ambulance attended the scene, and after paramedics had treated the woman at the scene, she was transferred to Hospitén Sur where she is said to be suffering from serious stab wounds in her thigh. The Guardia Civil has now taken charge of the investigation.

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