Woman stabbed to death in Los Realejos by her partner

A 46-year-old Venezuelan woman was killed tonight, stabbed to death by her 68-year-old partner in Los Realejos, a man she had previously denounced for domestic violence. The man, a native of Tenerife, fled as the couple’s grandchild, just 12 years old, disappeared. He sped off towards the TF5 where his car was involved in an accident near Santa Úrsula, and police say that when emergency services arrived they found the man inside the vehicle but there was no sign of the little girl who was subsequently found safe and well in a family member’s home. The man is in hospital under police guard after being seriously injured in the crash, which brought the motorway to a standstill for some time; the two occupants of the other vehicle involved in the collision were also injured, one seriously. And there is another woman dead tonight at the hands of the man she thought would take care of her.

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