Woman’s body found in her San Isidro home

Update 24 February: The Guardia Civil say that the autopsy on this poor woman shows that she died from natural causes. Her family have now identified her body, which is said to have lain undiscovered in her home for a month. The police investigation is now closed because of the result of the autopsy, and the absence of any signs of violence.

Original post 23 February:  Police are investigating the discovery of a woman’s body in her dwelling in San Isidro. The grim find was reported yesterday by the Guardia Civil, who say that the woman, 54 years old and originally from Gran Canaria, was found by the owners of the property in which she was a tenant, and that it had been a month since they had last had contact with her. The poor woman’s body has been transferred to the Forensic Medicine Institute for an autopsy to be carried out, though police say that there did not appear to be any sign of violence on her body.

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