British woman’s body found in sea off Palm Mar

Update 8 October: The Guardia Civil has confirmed the identity of this poor woman with the initials M.W. As usual, the full name is being withheld by official sources. All that is being said for the moment is that she was British, 53 years old, and a resident of Los Cristianos. The cause of death is still unconfirmed, but suspected to be through drowning.

Original post 6 October:  The body of a woman was found earlier today floating in the sea off Palm Mar. The poor woman was discovered by a leisure craft in the area, and the crew alerted emergency services. Little is known at present other than she was around 50 years of age and since she was in swimwear, had no documentation on her. The Guardia Civil is investigating the tragedy.


  1. Miar….hoping your at peace. God Bless xxx

  2. Sad sad news, such a character R.I.P. Maya xx

  3. Such dreadfully sad news… All our thoughts are with the family in Wales xxx

  4. i am very sad to hear about mia my prayes go to mia and her family

  5. I can’t believe this happened to my poor Auntie! Words can’t express how we all feel. It is so unfair and should never of happened to you! I hope your in a better place now. The family and me will love and miss you always! RIP my lovely Auntie! <3 xxxxxxx

  6. Please someone contact me, miar was my flat mate for three years and I loved he dear
    Y I can’t bear the unknowing and have a number of people who adored her seriously need to be informed, we spent many carnivals together, and very personal times and we don’t feel right to not show her the unique respect her beauty deserves…. Rebecca Deborah, Ricky a d the class of 1987 – 1992 … We are devastated please respond xxxxxxx

  7. Hi Rebecca

    I’ve sent you an email, assuming that’s your email address in your name above.

    Best of luck.

  8. Thank you Geoff , god bless x

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