Two women in hospital with burns and man arrested after north Tenerife bar attack

Update 12 April: The older of the two women, the ex-partner of the man arrested for the attack, is to betransferred to the burns unit at Seville hospital. HUC specialists have confirmed that her burns cover 50% of her body and the severity of her condition requires treatment at the specialist hospital.

Original post 11 April: The Guardia Civil has arrested a 67-year-old El Rosario man for attempted murder after spraying two women with petrol and setting fire to them in a bar on the Tejina road in Tacoronte. The two women, said to be the man’s 49-year-old ex-partner and her 22-year-old daughter, are the bar’s owners, and were at work shortly after 11pm last night when the man appeared. He fled the scene immediately by car, but the Guardia Civil suspected straightaway that the appalling attack was in fact a case of domestic violence and picked him up very quickly, and he is said already to have confessed. The two women, meanwhile, are in HUC. The older one is said to have multiple burns and to be in a serious condition, while her daughter is also burnt but less gravely.

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