Wonder Woman to be filmed in Tenerife

Photo: Tenerife Cabildo.

The Tenerife Cabildo has announced that another major Hollywood production will be filmed here. Adding to the list of films like the Clash of the Titans and the Wrath of the Titans, as well as Fast & Furious 6, the island will soon be the setting for the new Warner Bros film Wonder Woman 1984. Tenerife President Carlos Alonso, clearly delighted to be able to make the announcement, stressed that the production shows that once again “the excellent qualities of Tenerife are confirmed as a basis for filming audiovisual productions”.

Carlos Alonso added that “among the reasons the island was chosen for this shoot, which represents significant positive promotional and economic benefits, are our natural environment and scenery, as well as the tax incentives available to both national and international producers”. The president emphasized that apart from the professionals who come here for the filming, such productions bring economic advantages in terms of spending on accommodation, food and transport, as well as hiring of extras and other general expenditure.

Wonder Woman will be filmed in the last week of September and the first week of October in various parts of the Isla Baja. It will again star Gal Gadot, and be directed by Patty Jenkins, the first woman to direct a blockbuster. Also in the principal cast is Kristen Wiig as the film’s main villain Cheetah and Chris Pine reprising his role as Steve Trevor.

The Cabildo says that the work done by the Tenerife Film Commission has been fundamental in the island getting this production thanks to advice it’s given to the producer as well as the work done in permit administration. The local production company that will be providing support services and which has extensive experience in this type of shoot is Sur Film.


  1. Good morning Janet,
    Do you have information on where I apply for work on the filming of Wonder Woman in Tenerife .
    I would appreciate any information to assist my application.
    Brest regards
    James Hunter

    1. Author

      They will probably put out a call for extras in due course, but if you’re thinking of technical work then you will need to contact Sur Film, which as I said is the local production company providing support services. Google shows THIS is their website.

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