Works about to start on complete renovation of Avenida El Emigrante, the main road along Playa San Juan’s coast

Guía de Isora Mayor Pedro Martín in Playa San Juan’s Avda El Emigrante. Photo: Guia de Isora Ayuntamiento.

Works are about to start this week on a complete modernization and renovation of Avenida El Emigrante, the main road around the coast in Playa San Juan. Guía de Isora mayor Pedro Martín has been outlining the details of the project and explaining to shopkeepers and residents of the street that the works will take around eight months and have a budget of just under €4m.

The works will be carried in two phases, firstly the area between the pier and C/. El Hierro roughly at the halfway point, and then between there and the plaza Las Salinas.  By the end, the view out to sea will be opened up with the removal of the current wall, a design intended to make the road more accessible and pleasant for pedestrians with wider pavements, shaded areas and terraces, as well as a bike lane.

Mayor Martín said that the area has aged badly and it is high time it was renovated to provide better spaces for local residents as well as improved opportunities for shopkeepers in an improved area with direct access to the sea that will attract more visitors and potential customers for local businesses.


  1. Hmmm, wider pavements and a bicycle lane. I suspect this means the road will become one way. Maybe they can do something about the smell of sewage at the sewage outfall as well.

  2. My wife has just been along Avenida del Emigrante. It’s already one way from restaurant Brisa Marina/Calle El Gomera to Restaurant Vitamins/Calle Juan Carlos. No parking allowed anywhere along there.

  3. I am sure the facelift will be lovely but my concerns will be for the parking, it’s already difficult at times to get a space. I appreciate that there are 2 new car parks being erected but I doubt they will have the capacity to cope with the volume.

    It will be lovely to see the sea wall removed though.

  4. Well, there is only one new car park being built, probably 42 spaces. Changes to the car parking in Avenida Altamar have more than tripled parking spaces there but it does mean a longer walk to the nucleus of Playa. That is no different to many towns where the Ayto build car parks on the periphery.

  5. Is there any chance of posting a plan on here? It would also be useful if the ayuntamiento put up a small display on Av Emigrante. (The works on the square and the children’s play area would have benefitted from plans and drawings posted on site – but too late for that now)

  6. I have searched high and low for a plan without success. The councillor seems to be pointing at a plan on the table in the press release but I can’t find it on the ayto website. There were artists impressions for the other two sites but the reality is different anyway.

  7. When will the new car park be completed ?

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