Works underway on the new plaza in Playa San Juan

Works underway on the new plaza in Playa San Juan

Photo: Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento.

Updated 6 December: The latest on the works from Stewart, who says “a little more done but it’s going slowly”.

Updated 17 November: Another couple of photos from Stewart, who is providing a brilliant diary of these works! Click the images to see full size.




Updated 6 October: Thanks again to Stewart, who says all rock breaking is now finished.

Updated 7 September: Thanks once again to Stewart for today’s images of the works in Playa San Juan’s plaza (click to see full size).








Updated 10 July: Thanks again to Stewart for the latest images of the works in Playa San Juan’s plaza (click to see full size).

Updated 14 June: Here are the latest photos of the works in Playa San Juan’s plaza, again many thanks to Stewart Kirby (please click to see full size):

Updated 15 May: Thanks to Stewart Kirby for these photos, which show the state of the plaza works as of 15 May. Stewart says that “as they seem to be putting in the footings it looks like they have gone for a car park with around 40 spaces”, Please click on the thumbnails to see full size.


Updated 2 February: I’m grateful to Stewart Kirby for the following photos showing the latest works as of today in Playa San Juan’s plaza.

Updated 25 January: I’ve been asked several times where the market is going to be in Playa San Juan, and I can now pass on the council’s information that from today it will be at the El Bufadero promenade next to Avenida de El Emigrante. It will operate the usual times of 8am to 1pm on Wednesdays.

Original post 10 January: There are some mixed feelings in the west coast town of Playa San Juan this week where works have just started on the renovation of the town’s central plaza, with new garden areas, a children’s play area, and underground parking. Mayor Pedro Martín says that the square is “the only one in the municipality which has not been renovated and its poor condition makes that all too evident”. Mayor Martín confirmed that the works have been in the pipeline for some time because the excavations for the underground car park make for an ambitious project.

For the mayor, the “lack of a suitable square was compounded by the serious parking problems in the town, two issues which will now be resolved with the new works”. Some locals, however, are viewing the development, including the demolition of the old church, with sad eyes. Municipal sources say, however, that the plans have been discussed with a whole range of local collectives and societies, as well as local businesses and, particularly, the Bishopric of Tenerife. The works are set to cost Guía de Isora nearly €2.5m, and one way or another, will transform the centre of the town over the course of the next year as the new plaza takes shape.



  1. What’s happening to the market?

  2. Author

    I’m sorry I don’t know.

  3. I’ve been told the market has relocated for the time being to Paseo Maritimo

  4. The market has been on the red footpath along the seafront( by the outdoor fitness equipment )for the last few Wednesdays so I think that will be the new place for it.

  5. I live in Playa and I have mixed feelings about this. We certainly needed the plaza updating as the paving was in poor condition. I am not that bothered about the church going, it was not ancient, built in the 1960’s. Underground car park? Not so sure, yes it’s difficult to park close to the Plaza on a market day but there’s plenty of parking five to ten minutes walk away. Is that too far? As for the market, it’s moved to the Paseo Maritimo near to Puesta del Sol at the bottom of Avenida Emigrante. For me there’s too little space between the stalls, and its going to uncomfortable for the traders if its windy, raining or the sun is shining strongly. Also the Ayto had not provided electricity last week so electronic scales and chiller cabinets were not working. The lady from the Ayto who chose this location was brimming with enthusiasm a couple of weeks ago but there were mutterings from the traders. The agricultural market may not be there this week as theyvall had to re-apply for their licences.

  6. Why choose the paseo for the market? Most unsuitable! It used to be on the plaza by Alteza,a much better location with plenty of parking too!

  7. Update on the agriculture market. They are still sorting the paperwork out and hope to return to the market on the 25th of January, fingers crossed.

  8. Are there any photos or plans for the new square available to see on line

  9. Author

    THIS is all I’m aware of, from the architects commissioned with the design.

  10. Hmmm, that talks about 43 parking spaces but other publicity has talked recently about 84 so I am not sure that this is the current plan.

  11. Author

    I doubt it’s the “current” plan since it’s dated 2009! But it’s the main plan for the zone, regardless of how it’s been adapted subsequently. As the council has said, this has been on the drawing board for years because of the expense.

  12. Just spotted this posting after making a comment on the similar Adeje project. It looks very modern and IMHO not at all in keeping with the character of the town. But times change and so must we. Parking in town is always difficult at any time of the day or week, not just on market days, so another 40 (or 80) will be welcome. Very noisy and dusty in the square right now and the locals are saying it will last 20 months.

  13. I saw a poster for the Playa San Juan agromercado this morning. They will be back next Wednesday 25th January.

  14. Hi, wondering if anyone knows what stage the work will be at during April?

  15. Author

    well they are saying the works, from now, will take a year or so.

  16. Well, at the moment there is a big machine working in two holes it is digging which are about 3-4 metres deep. After pecking the lava rock apart it spends a day filling up lorries to take the debris away. I would say that they will still be doing this in April as they need to dig down about 10 metres. Remarkably the cafes and bars which border this work are still open and have clients.

  17. Good news that Los Abrigos is finally being put back together. Can anyone offer an update on how the reconstruction of the square in Playa San Juan is going? Recent photos would be good and indication on projected timing for completion appreciated. Terry

  18. Latest photo (14 June) suggests good progress being made. Is there any news on when the new plaza will be complete? Hopefully before our next visit this Autumn!

  19. Author

    I wish! Sorry Allan but there’s no official word on an expected finishing date.

  20. Good to get these updates on progress in the square. Thanks.
    On a separate note, have you seen any plans for what is happening where the children’s playground has been excavated at the bottom of the hill on Ave Emigrante? I’ve been sent some photos (I’m in the UK at present) and the hole that has been dug looks deep enough for another car park! Amusing that the Ayumtamiento call it Cultural Centre Phase 2 when Phase 1 is very underused!

  21. Author

    As far as I’m aware it’s connected with new swimming pools, but I don’t have confirmed information about it.

  22. Not too long until we’re out. Can anyone give a brief update on the square redevelopment in P.S. Juan? Stewart’s been a good source previously.

  23. The plaza work is going slowly. I think they were surprised by the amount of basalt they found, it’s really tough to remove. Most of the excavation is complete and just under half of the space has walls and a rooof, of sorts. I can’t see it being finished this year.
    I have been told by someone who lives in an apartment above the other hole in the ground at Parque Las Salinas that there will be an underground biblioteque and study rooms for students who want a quiet space to study for their exams. This will be topped off with a small park and playground. Again, I can’t see it being finished this year.

  24. I will take more photos next time I am passing.

  25. The first new photo is actually Parc Las Salinas the second hole in Playa.

  26. Doesn’t look like much progress then!

  27. Does anyone know if there is a (reasonably accurate) planned completion date for the plaza development? Will be good to see it brought back into use and the local businesses re-established.

  28. Author

    As I said in reply to a comment back in June, there’s no official word on an expected finishing date.

  29. Good photos. Looking through them all from the start it is clear to see the slow but sure progress.

    Hiwever, they seem to have speeded up in the last couple of weeks with a lot of construction work to raise the levels at the top end of the square and preparing shuttering to extend the car park roof. I think most of the car park roof will be in place by Christmas.

  30. The slow progress of works for such a simple garage is totally unacceptable for this famous island.

    If Tenerife needs as long with other projects such as the
    completion of anillo insular they will not finish that motorway until 2030.

    Another example is the racing circuit north of TFS which was announced to be constructed but more or less nothing happened after the official kick off show.

  31. Author

    There were particular reasons for the problems with the motor racing circuit as explained HERE.

  32. Wolfgang. The removal of volcanic rock from the site took 6 months because they could not use explosives. One person with a digger was employed on the job there really want enough space for a second machine. I agree it is taking too long and I am not sure how useful the car park will be when it is complete. However, it brings to mind the building of the new Brandenburgh Airport in Berlin. What is the reason for it taking so long to complete?

  33. Stewart, I am not a German citizen and do not live there.
    I am not interested in discussing project delays in other European countries or elsewhere in the world.
    By the way some years ago the very huge Messehalle in Frankfurt was completed in ten months.

  34. I was at a restaurant in the plaza tonight and asked the waitress if they had been told when the work would be completed. She said that the Alcalde told them that the plaza would be open in July and the parking garage would be open in August.

  35. Just seems so sad that the plaza at the heart of this lovely town has to go through such disruption without any apparent control!! Surely there must be a Project Manager or Team somewhere responsible for the cost aspects of the project and after all time is directly related to money. I simply can’t believe that such works are carried out on the basis of “it will be finished when it’s finished and will cost what it costs!!

  36. Author

    yes of course there is control and oversight! A great deal by both local council and island Cabildo! There’s a budget and an officially approved architect plan. But works everywhere meet unforeseen contingencies and can sometimes cost more than originally planned! HS2 anyone?!

  37. I realise at the breaking out stage it is difficult to put a timescale on completion of those works given the uncertainty involved but now the construction stage is underway surely there can be a reasonable timeframe projection as to completion. HS2 is not close to my heart but the Plaza at P.S. Juan is as like many others I’ve been visiting there twice a year over the last 30 odd years.

  38. Sorry should obviously have said thanks to Stewart for the photos and keeping us up to date.

  39. Author

    well as Stewart says in his comment of just a couple of days ago, “I was at a restaurant in the plaza tonight and asked the waitress if they had been told when the work would be completed. She said that the Alcalde told them that the plaza would be open in July and the parking garage would be open in August.” That sounds like a reasonable timeframe to me, certainly it’s a fairly specific one.

  40. Thank you Janet and I had picked up Stewart’s comment from the waitress which offers hope that completion will be achieved by July. Your site is much appreciated as are comments from your followers especially Stewart’s in respect of this item.

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