World famous Los Sabandeños Canarian folklore group performing in Los Cristianos this Friday evening

Photo: Los Sabandeños.

Los Sabandeños are perhaps the most famous of all Canarian folklore groups, forming in 1966 and performing at top level internationally for now over 40 years. They have performed throughout the Canaries, and Spain … and through Europe, and in the USA, and many south American countries. They are considered the ultimate in traditional music here in the Canaries and this Friday, 24 August, they will be performing in Los Cristianos coincident with the town’s very popular Feria del Pescado. Their hour and a half long concert is in the Plaza del Pescador outside the Cultural Centre, and will start at 9pm. It’s free, and simply cannot be missed! The council has advised that there will be traffic and parking disruption and restrictions from the afternoon of the 24th until the concert finishes.


  1. Author

    yes, it’s outside the Cultural Centre. I specified it in the post, as I always do, because there is frequent confusion between the Plaza del Pescador and the Plaza de la Pescadora – also in Los Cristianos! The female version, though, is in the little square not far from Burger King (? or is it MacD?) in the harbour area.

  2. Janet – do you know if the Plaza del Pescador is the paved area immediately in front of the Cultural Centre in Los Cristianos as the Plaza del Pescador does not show up on Google maps?

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