Would you like to tell your own story of being imprisoned in Tenerife on UK TV’s Channel 5?

Alaska TV are making a crime documentary series for UK television’s Channel 5 showing what it calls “the harsh realities of what befalls young holidaymakers and expats if they fall foul of the law abroad and end up in foreign prisons”. Assistant producer Sasha Risner says that some are guilty, some don’t understand the law and others are imprisoned for crimes they didn’t commit, and so if you have a story you want to share, or hope to set the record straight and tell your own story and experience in your own words, text BRITS to +447398 964 983 or contact Sasha by email to sasha.risner@alaskatv.co or phone 0207 644 0018.  


  1. I have a story about being locked up in a police cell in France. Not Tenerife I know !!

    It was only for 2 nights about 30 years ago.

    1. Author

      Why not tell Sasha to see if she’s interested? It is she who is seeking information, and her contact information is in the post.

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