XIX Festival of Theatre and Dance in Adeje

XIX Festival of Theatre and Dance in Adeje

Updated 9 November: “Fortune’s fool” … no, not the new US president, Donald Trump! … but Romeo, who will be performing with his star-crossed lover Juliet this Friday in the streets of Adeje, which will be transformed into Shakespeare’s “fair Verona, where we lay our scene”, of “two households, both alike in dignity … ” …

This is not to be missed.

Updated 4 November: Just a reminder of this theatre and dance programme in Adeje, which starts tomorrow, and perhaps especially of the street production of Romeo and Juliet, which is being performed next Friday, the 11th.

Original post 24 October: Adeje’s annual Festival de Teatro y Danza returns for another season of performances ranging from the classical to the avant garde between 4 and 26 November, with tickets available from this Wednesday at the town’s Cultural Centre. The full programme is HERE, and in English HERE. Perhap not to be missed is the free street theatre version of Romeo and Juliet which will be performed in the streets of Adeje town starting from the plaza de España, in memory of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.



  1. Janet – Do you know the time of the Romeo and Juliet in Adeje, this Friday, (tomorrow) please?

  2. Author

    There’s a link to the programme in the post, and it says “starting at the Plaza de España at 6.30pm”. That’s all I know, I’m afraid.

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