This year’s Christmas Day 25th anniversary Concert in Santa Cruz harbour recorded for anyone who missed it

Updated 29 December: Anyone who missed the concert in person or live on TV can now watch the whole thing on THIS link (if the link doesn’t work, remove the “s” from the “https”).

Photo: Ports Authority

Original post 5 December:The traditional annual Christmas Day concert with the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra is a bit special this year since it will be the 25th on the 25th! As always the concert will be held on Christmas Day at 9pm in Santa Cruz harbour – the Dársena de Los Llanos.

Entry is free, but those wanting to go need to get a ticket because space is limited while tens of thousands want to attend each year! It’s the absolute spirit of Christmas in Tenerife, and there’s a dedicated website from the Ports Authority HERE where one can also register to get the tickets online (the site is safe but the link might give problems because of its security certificate: if you have trouble loading the site, just remove the “s” from the “https”).

For those who cannot attend in person, the concert is broadcast live, as always, on the Ports Authority website itself HERE, and it will also be shown live on Spanish TV and broadcast on radio. Organizers ask the audience to be in place at least ten minutes before the start because of the live TV broadcast.


  1. Going through to the buy tickets page I cannot see where the 25th tickets are?


  2. Author

    I’ve just edited the post above with the information, Richard.

  3. janet,

    thanks that takes me to the port authority but I still cannot see where to buy them on their site :-/

  4. ok got it now.. have to go all the way up to get them.. :-/

  5. all sorted 🙂

  6. Author

    oh fantastic! Did you go to Corte Inglés? I think I’ll be watching La Dos!

  7. Link not working?

  8. Author

    It’s the usual problem. The site is safe but the link might give problems because of its security certificate. Just remove the “s” from the “https” … I’ve now added this info to the main post too.

  9. Hi Janet
    Have requested tickets following your good instructions but am not sure if I have to collect in person between 11th to 17th in Santa Cruz. A problem as I live in the South. I hope to receive them by email. Please confirm if possible.
    Thank you

  10. Author

    I’m sorry Audrey but I haven’t gone through the process myself so can’t be categoric, but someone who’s done it says that they too wish they could have been sent by email but that they have to be picked up from “the far end of the city promenade”. I’m not sure if they got that info from the concert website but it sounds like it.

    edit: I’ve just had confirmation from the person I referred to. They say that tickets can be collected between 9am and 6pm from Monday 17 December to Thursday 20 December at Edificio Junta del Puerto, Avenida La Roche, nº 49, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

  11. yes it’s absolutely incredulous those not in SC have to travel there just for the tickets. I have complained that it’s unfair and environmentally unsound in this modern age but being Tenerife they really couldn’t give more than a shrug

  12. Is there a free christmas concert in 2019? The site only show the 2018 concert . I would like when and where I can reserve tickets

  13. Author

    Yes, every year … but the tickets aren’t released until very much later. I will of course post when the information becomes available.

  14. Author

    No. Naturally I will post when it is. I’ll close this to comments now in case readers think this is about this year’s concert.

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