Yellow alert as heatwave returns tomorrow

temps yellow alert july 2011

Update 30 June: It’s back. It will get hot again tomorrow with the arrival of another blast of Saharan air. Aemet has raised the to-be-expected yellow alert for tomorrow and Saturday for temperatures up to 34º. The alert, which at least tells us when to expect the heatwave if nothing else, is in place between 10am and 6pm both days, affecting all but the north coast, and most noticeable at mid-altitude.

temps yellow alert over june 2011

Update 22 June: It feels a lot better today, and we have a bit of misty cloud cover up here. The forecast is for it to remain like this today and tomorrow, and then freshen up over the weekend, getting a little bit cooler (around 26-28º or so). The one notable thing in the forecast is that the weekend will be blustery, but they’re only talking about winds of 15-20 km/h, and it’s these that’ll make it all feel quite a bit fresher. Above is the alert graphic for Friday, showing the alert as lifted.

Update 20 June: Aemet is now forecasting a calima for tomorrow, but they’re hedging their bets as to how far it will travel, and how much it will affect us. At the moment, south, west and east Tenerife, as well as altitude, is on yellow alert for tomorrow: temperatures still being forecast to a maximum of 34º. The alert is orange for Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, and south Gran Canaria.

Original post 19 June: Aemet has issued a yellow alert for maximum temperatures of 34º for Tuesday. This is not part of a calima, and will affect the south, west and east of Tenerife particularly, and especially at altitude. I’ll post further updates as they become available.

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