Canarian Government lifts Forest Fire alert from 10pm tonight

Updated 9 July: It’s barely noticeable yet but the heat is beginning to pass, and the Canarian Government has announced the lifting of the Forest Fire Alert from 10pm this evening. The cooling will be most noticeable in the medianías, one bonus for those of us who live in the hills between 600m and 1,500m … and where we’ve had an average of 38º over the past three days. Melting isn’t the word!

Updated 6 July: It’s been a bit on the warm side, let’s say, but it’s going to ramp up quite a bit today and through until Thursday, it seems, with temperatures increasing to 44º, especially at altitude. And now the Canarian Government has issued a Forest Fire Alert for Santa Cruz de Tenerife province and the island of Gran Canaria active from 10am this morning and presently in place until further notice. The Government says that we have two of the three fire alert conditions in place, namely temperatures over 30º and humidity under 30%. Let’s hope the wind stays low because when sustained winds are over 30km/h all three maximum danger conditions are there. For more details on this, and further explanations, plus advice on staying safe and protecting ourselves and the island, please see HERE. We can expect bans imminently on fire-risk activities in the mountains including recreation areas.

Original post 1 July: As calimas go, there will have been worse in terms of heat and dust in the atmosphere, but from tomorrow night and through Friday 3 July we will have winds strong enough to activate an Aemet yellow alert. The main factor, however, will be the costeros – wild seas – and so please do take care in the water. Because of covid19 we have had hardly any incidents, let alone fatalities, this year in the sea. Let’s try to keep it that way through the summer now that the coastline is reopening to swimmers.

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