All Teide access roads now reopened

Update 21 March: The Cabildo has now reopened all the access roads to Teide: the TF24 via La Esperanza was the last to be cleared of snow and ice, and the roads are now fully passable. The Cabildo reminded the public that they can check the state of the roads at any time by phone to 900 210 131 or on

Update 18 March: The Cabildo has reactivated its Operativo Nevadas to restrict traffic access to Teide over the weekend as a result of the massive influx of traffic expected as some 25,000 people are anticipated to try to enjoy the snow. The authorities have asked people to enjoy the national park responsibly for everyone’s safety.

During this weekend, vehicles will be able to access Teide only from the south, either by the TF38 (Chio) or the TF21 (Vilaflor): these roads will allow traffic in both directions. The TF21 (La Orotava) will only allow traffic to descend. The TF24 (La Esperanza) remains closed between the Arafo junction to El Portillo due to ice and up to 2m of snow on the road. The restrictions will remain in place from 8am tomorrow morning until 8pm Sunday evening.

Update 11 February: The Cabildo has reactivated its Operativo Nevadas to restrict traffic access to Teide over the weekend. As I posted below, more rain is expected over the next couple of days, and at altitude, this will fall as snow. Once again, traffic will be one-way between the Arafo junction to El Portillo and down to La Orotava. Traffic from Boca de Tauce in the south will only be able to go as far as the Teleférico, and the road between the Teleférico and El Portillo will be closed. The restrictions will apply between 8am and 6pm on both Saturday and Sunday.  Cabildo

snow covered Teide2

Update 10 February: Yesterday’s rainfall has left the most beautiful, and increasingly rare, sight of a Teide cone and crater covered with snow, but for anyone thinking of driving up to enjoy it … don’t. The Cabildo closed the access roads to traffic due to snow and ice yesterday afternoon, and the earliest they will be reopened is said to be later today. All the access roads are affected, and drivers are requested to check with the Roads Information Service on 900 210 131 or via the website HERE before attempting to approach the area. More information too from TinerGuía.

Aemet has also forecast another rainy weather front this weekend coming from the west and affecting the whole archipelago. The rain being forecast is heavier than that which we’ve just had, with up to 20 litres per square metre expected. This will fall as snow at altitude.

Original post 9 February: Aemet has raised a yellow alert for rain in Tenerife today, with 15mm per hour (15 litres per square metre) downpour forecast. The alert starts this morning and lasts until 9pm this evening.

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