Wild weather in Tenerife in run up to Christmas

Wild weather in Tenerife in run up to Christmas

The Met office, AEMet, has reduced the Orange alert back to Yellow. Heavy rain is still expected throughout the Canaries, and the alert will remain in place until Saturday. Gusts are now being expected of up to 75 kilometres per hour, but this is clearly an improvement. It looks as though it’s starting to clear, however slowly.  Canarias7

Update 23 December: The Canaries have been put on orange alert for torrential rain and gales on Christmas Eve. The alert will last from midnight until midday, when up to 20 litres of rain per square metre per hour are expected. The warning applies to Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Tenerife, though it is the north of Tenerife that is expected to be worst affected. The Tenerife Cabildo has now asked the public not to drive unless essential because of the high risk of torrential rains and gales gusting up to 95 kilometros per hour. The Canarian Government has activated its Protección Civil Emergency Plan. Canarias24Horas, Canarias24Horas

Update 21 December: And again the yellow alert has been extended to Wednesday, and now raised to Orange, for torrential rain, wild seas, and gales, especially at mid-to high-altitude.  El Dia

Update 20 December: The alert for high winds has now been extended until the end of tomorrow, Monday 21 December.  Canarias7

Update 19 December: The winds have just gone, and things have only now started drying out, and AEMet has issued another yellow alert for high winds. The alert will be in force from midnight on Sunday to midnight on Monday, though it is not expected to be as rough a storm as over the past few days. Winds gusting up to 85 km an hour are expected in Tenerife, La Palma, and Gran Canaria. Canarias24Horas

Update 17 December: The yellow alert has now been raised to Orange status for winds gusting up to 100km per hour in Tenerife, La Palma and El Hierro. Heavy rain is also possible during this period. Orange Alerts are used for significant risks, and this one will be in force throughout the rest of today.  El Dia

Update 15 December: The original yellow alert has now been extended until Thursday for continued rain throughout the Western Canaries. A downfall of 25 litres per square metre, between 80 and 90 in 12 hours is anticipated. High tides and winds are also expected.  Canarias24Horas

Original Post 10 December: The Met office, Aemet, has announced a yellow alert in the western Canary Islands for winds and heavy rain tomorrow afternoon, particularly at mid-altitude and altitude. The forecast is for a relatively clear start to the day with increasing cloud cover throughout the morning, leading to moderate rainfall which could be torrential at times.  Canarias7


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