Yellow alert in Tenerife for calima

Update 19 March: The latest forecast from Aemet is for the calima to begin to clear throughout this afternoon and the rest of the day, with temperatures remaining stable or rising slightly. Wind will lessen in Tenerife, though increase slightly in the eastern islands. The yellow alert remains in place, however, until midday tomorrow, Saturday, since the level of dust in the atmosphere will remain extremely high until at least midnight tonight.  C24H, C7

Update 18 March: The health department Sanidad has issued medical advice for the duration of the calima, particularly for those most vulnerable, the very young, elderly, and those with chronic respiratory or cardio-vascular problems. Exposure to the dust in the air, together with the pollutants and allergens it carries, can cause chest problems, cough, palpitations, fatigue or an increase in susceptibility to respiratory infections. The increased risk continues for at least five days after the calima arrives.

Anyone at risk should avoid as far as possible being outside for any length of time, keep windows and doors closed, and particularly to avoid physical exercise in the open air. Above all, drink lots of water. Sanidad advises anyone who thinks they might be struggling with the effects of the calima to seek immediate medical attention at a local health centre. C24H

Original Post 17 March: Aemet has declarted a yellow alert from tomorrow for calima in Tenerife, as well as in Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, and La Gomera. The calima is expected to increase temperatures to around 30º and last until Saturday, when Atlantic winds will clear the air and reduce temperatures to normal Spring levels.  C24H


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