Playa de las Vistas safe for bathing again

Update 18 August 11pm: TV news is now reporting that the area is clear of the jellyfish, which were there in great numbers only yesterday but which have been dispersing throughout the day. The green flag giving the all clear is now flying again. RTVC

Original post 18 August : Playa de las Vistas is suffering an invasion of jellyfish. The warning yellow flag is flying over the beach, as is its white counterpart with a picture of jellyfish on. The yellow flag doesn’t stop bathing, but warns of a danger, which is then illustrated by the flag flying below it.

The particular jellyfish is known as aguaviva: I don’t know what species this is because it is often used as a generic word for the creature, but it is said not to be as harmful as a Portuguese Man-o’-War, which is also found in Canarian waters.

The appearance of this invasion is apparently due to the warm winds that the recent calima has brought, which have dragged the animals through the currents to Tenerife. It is thought that as soon as the winds and temperatures drop, as they appear to be starting to do today, the risk to bathers will also be reduced.

Yesterday, many bathers were ignoring the flags and the risk, but 22 people needed assistance for stings, though none was seriously hurt. Bathers are advised to take precautions, not to swim too far from the coast, and not to put their heads under water. DA

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