Yet more Arona confusion, this time over the Los Cristianos market


Update 13 June: Arona mayor Francisco Niño has announced today that the council is continuing to work towards getting the market back into its original location, within current legislative norms, but that for the moment, after three weeks closed, the market will open in Avenida Londres this weekend. This is the dual carriageway from the El Mirador complex down to the sea past Victoria Court.

The permission signed by the mayor is at present only for this Sunday, but seemingly if all goes well, stallholders will be able to set up in the same area until the original plot is legally ready for their return. Some of them are withholding judgment on how this Sunday will turn out, and hope the policía local will not be “difficult”. There were angry protests outside Arona town hall yesterday, as the above video from eldigitalsur shows, and clearly the pressure has worked for the moment.

Original post 29 May: As almost everyone will know by now, there is a real question mark over the future of Los Cristianos market. Stall holders are furious, while the town’s shopkeepers are delighted, that the market has been closed “on a precautionary basis” while its “licence and security issues” are put in order by the council. Los Cristianos retailers say that they have been protesting about the “illegal market” for years and years, and they have been completely ignored until the mayor himself was personally threatened with being denounced to the fiscalía about the situation. Stallholders, however, say that they are in the middle of the row between the council in retreat on one side, and the exploitation company on the other, which has taken their fees to place their stalls on a market site which is now closed.

Arona Ayuntamiento for its part, is sheltering behind the claim that the Los Cristianos market is “not municipal” (that is how the council itself answered a question by Rosita Warich on its Facebook page), but with the technical report that damned the market to be closed claiming that the site occupies two plots “in the public domain”, one inevitably wonders by what right the exploitation has been undertaken if the plots are not privately owned and no municipal licence was granted, and on what grounds the council can say the market is not a council affair, particularly since the market is openly listed as a municipal attraction on the Ayuntamiento’s own website HERE.

Yet again, as with the lifeguards, something that walks, sounds and smells like a municipal service is claimed to be nothing to do with the council. One might respectfully suggest that the council clarifies, for the sake of its own reputation, quite what things it does have something to do with. It might also be reasonably good policy not to direct the public to a service that the council knows will not be available: the reply to Rosita Warich included information about the market’s opening times and was posted on the 26th May, three days ago, and three days after the mayor had signed the closure notice. Hopefully sorting out this licence won’t take as long as the sunbeds or the lifeguards: a great many people’s livelihoods are at stake here!



  1. Author

    As you will see from the comment above yours, there is a protest group you can join: the details are in the comment. I have meanwhile replied in more detail to the email you additionally sent me about this.

  2. Just read your article – we have been coming to LC for years and were getting ready to purchase an apartment in Parque Tropical until we saw the mobile homes parked along the road. How can this happen? What has the reaction been from property owners? How has it/ will it affect property prices?

    How can this happen? How can I help.

    David Williams

  3. Yet MORE Arona confusion !!! Some six weeks ago there was a fire and public disorder amongst the motorhomes which had taken up permanent resident on the waste land alongside the Costamar tower and complex on the sea front at Los Cristianos . The owner of the land then put in a denunciation and the police then cleared them off the site . What did our illustrious council do then ? Without reference to any of the local residents they repainted all of the recently painted car parking spaces one one side of Avda Amsterdam and part of Avda Juan Carlos 1 into caravan bays ! They then put up signs saying that parking was limited to 72 hours ( which has been completely ignored and not enforced when complaints were made to the police ) . They then put up a sign which says ‘ Caravan Service area ‘ complete with a covered manhole to deposit your toilets contents . The result is a completely new and completely free caravan site smack in the middle of the best residential area in the whole of Las Cristianos . Word rapidly spread in the motorhoming community about the availability of this wonderful new and free caravan site and we now have 39 motorhomes sitting in our streets abusing our community . Numerous complains from a variety of individuals and organisations have been made to the council about this farcical destruction of our lovely environment , to no avail , par for the course for Arona council it seems . Feelings are running very high hereabouts , with lots of residents up in arms about the situation . A protest group has been formed and the address is Motorhomesprotest@gmail. com mobile number 634332628 We intend to get up a petition to present to the Arona council . If you wish to help fight this ludicrous invasion of our rights as residents . please get in touch

  4. Such a shame as the Market is a big highlight in the week for visitors.
    Everybidy knows theitems that are sold everywhere are fake’s, plus no one sells the items pretending they are real! they are as cheap as chips and just a bit of fun.

  5. I think this mayor has his own agenda for the way things are going in the area – is he getting extra money from folk which is giving him ideas of power?

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