Aena has announced that it will be carrying out an air accident exercise tomorrow morning, Wednesday 15 November. The simulation is of a plane that comes down in the vicinity of the airport, so one area particularly affected will be around the Los Abrigos to El Médano road. The authorities reassure the public that these standard and regular training exercises are absolutely no cause for concern in anyone seeing all the emergency vehicles and units.READ MORE

Updated 14 November: Arona has announced that its famous Castañas, Dulces y Vino night for San Andrés in Valle de San Lorenzo will be on Friday, 1 December between 5 and 10pm. Updated 8 November: La Orotava has announced a chestnuts and tapas night on Friday, 24 November, between 8 and 11pm in the Plaza de la Constitución (also known as the Plaza de la Kiosco). There will be live music, children’s entertainment, and of course, chestnuts, wine and food for just €2 a tapa and €1 a cup of wine. Click on the poster on the left to see full size. Original post 30 October:READ MORE

Photo: Nigel Armitage. We haven’t seen much at all in the Canaries over recent years of the pateras and cayucos bringing desperate immigrants from west Africa, but one was picked up by Coastguards shortly after 5am this morning just 200m off the coast of El Camisón. The craft originated in Mauritania was towed into Los Cristianos harbour where the 36 male occupants, 11 of them thought to be minors, will be checked by the Red Cross and then processed by police.READ MORE

The Canarian Government is adding to its animal protection legislation by updating its 1991 Ley de Protección y Tenencia de Animales de Compañía to include a ban on cockfighting in the islands, not covered by current legislation. The proposed legislation will also include a ban on any shows involving animals, like circuses. Government minister José Miguel Barragán said that such bloody traditions were an anachronism and had no place in a modern evolved society, and that it was necessary now to move towards eradicating them. I know people will say “but they need to enforce existing legislation”, and others will pick up on the factREAD MORE

  It’s that time again … The Christmas lottery adverts are similar in Spain to the John Lewis adverts in the UK, usually real tear jerkers, like last year’s (below) about the story of Carmina, a retired teacher who thinks she’s won the lottery but actually hasn’t, and who is allowed to carry on believing by her friends and family, her neighbours, the local townsfolk … And this year’s advert has been released today (above), the story of Daniel, and his dream Danielle. As the video’s maker, oscar-winning film director Alejandro Amenábar, says, “the luckiest thing is not just to win the lottery, but to shareREAD MORE

Updated 13 November: Canaragua and Arona Ayuntamiento have announced that there will be a cuts to drinking water supplies for maintenance works this Wednesday, 15 November. The areas where residents could be affected are Guargacho and the Virgen del Carmen estate. Interruptions are expected to be between 7am and 1pm, and drinking water dispensers will be available for residents. Any enquiries should be made to the council on 900 100 157. Updated 6 November: Icod de los Vinos Ayuntamiento has announced water cuts for maintenance between 10am and 7pm tomorrow, Tuesday 7 November, in the following areas: -Camino Llanito Perera -Camino La Labranza -Calzada El Pino -Camino LaREAD MORE