Updated 22 July: The People’s Party – Partido Popular – has a new leader to go into opposition against the socialist PSOE Government, itself under new Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez. Mariano Rajoy’s deputy PM Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría was expected by some to take over, becoming the first woman to lead a major political party in Spain, but in the event the moderate politician won 42% of the vote for the succession compared with 57.2% gained by the more right-wing Pablo Casado. Perhaps this reflects a genuine shift to the right, or perhaps Sáenz de Santamaría was too closely associated in people’s minds with Rajoy, and therefore with hisREAD MORE

A 32-year-old man was very badly injured this morning after falling several metres in the Barranco de Tahodio in the Anaga region just north of Santa Cruz. Emergency services say that they were called out at 8am this morning with reports that the man had been found with multiple serious injuries after the fall, and that bomberos were required to rescue him on a stretcher from the place he had landed. He was stabilized at the scene and then transferred to Candelaria Hospital where his condition is said to be critical.READ MORE

There are often hoax terrorist warnings, and the police in Spain generally and here in the Canaries specifically have only in the last few days deplored false rumours running riot in the Canarian press and social media that an attack was “imminent” (link). This was the result of British tabloid scaremongering but it has a terrible effect on public morale … and nerves! Obviously, therefore, it is absolutely essential to be sure what the actual position is at any given point. The Spanish Interior Ministry, like the UK’s Home Office and any other mainstream EU country, has a terrorism threat levels system showing the current riskREAD MORE

Updated 20 July: A 49-year-old man died this afternoon after being pulled from the sea in El Pris, Tacoronte. Emergency services say that they were called out shortly after 3pm with reports that several fellow bathers were trying to assist the man who had disappeared in the water while seemingly swimming towards his boat. Policía Local agents found that he was in cardiac arrest and began attempts to resuscitate which were taken up by ambulance crew shortly afterwards. Sadly, however, they were unable to bring him back and he was declared dead at the scene. As is well known by now, cardiac arrest in the sea is aREAD MORE

Photo: Turismo Tenerife. Updated 20 July: A varied few days in store this weekend, with the Craft beer festival in La Laguna today and tomorrow, and the start today of the two-weekend Canarias Surf Film Festival. Tomorrow there are the spectacles of the La Caleta Bay Swim and of a Boxing night in Adeje, and on Sunday, there’s something completely different with the RFB Ballet de Moscú’s Don Quijote being performed in Los Cristianos. Finally, on Saturday and Sunday, inexplicably and without notice moved from the initially announced date of last weekend, there is the Indian Ratha Yatra festival in Playa de las Américas and the ongoing summer-long Sansofe cultural programme inREAD MORE

Updated 19 July: Tragically, Hermes’ family has confirmed that he has died, his remains being found by hikers in the mountainous area of Igueste de San Andrés in north Tenerife. He appears to have been walking on a path when he fell a great distance, seemingly dying instantly from the fall. The family say that DNA tests have confirmed the remains are those of Hermes, and that he died in late March. Missing Persons agencies confirm that the alert has now officially and sadly been deactivated. Updated 5 April: Hermes’ brother Brandon is now in Tenerife searching but still not meeting any luck. They ask anyone whoREAD MORE