Photo: Granadilla Ayuntamiento. Granadilla Ayuntamiento says that this Saturday’s Expomotor 2019 in San Isidro will be the biggest car show of the year in Tenerife. The event will include a huge variety of vehicles on show, offer prize draws and complementary activities, rally simulators, an “overturning” simulator, classic cars, as well as exhibition stalls from the likes of driving schools and motor insurers, and a motor-related play and activity area for children. It will be open to the public between 10am and 6pm in calle Cuevas Cho Portada which runs alongside the TF1.READ MORE

Many coastal resorts hold a Travesía a nado – a competitive swim across the bay – and Santiago del Teide’s is between Playa La Arena and Playa de El Bajío in Puerto Santiago at 5pm on Saturday 6 July. It is the 24th time the travesía has been held and those who want to take part can register HERE, the main website where there is full information of the event.READ MORE

I’ve received the following from a British national reader who’s resident in Tenerife, and I think it’s worth reproducing in case anyone falls foul of this: My wife and I received our postal votes today for the european elections. Hers comes from Scotland and mine from Northumberland. I noticed that hers had an airmail sign on it and was addressed properly (ie it Had Scotland UK on it). Mine wasn’t so I put it on myself. I then took them both to the Post Office. Something mad me hand them in rather than posting them. I’m glad I did as I was told that mineREAD MORE

Updated 14 May: The British Consulate in Tenerife is holding a public information meeting at 2pm on 24 May in Santiago’s Diner in Puerto Santiago.   Updated 7 May: It has been confirmed this afternoon by David Lidington, essentially the deputy PM, that the UK will indeed be taking part in the EU Parliamentary elections on 23 May. Anyone wanting to vote and still not registered … you have until midnight. Tonight. There is more information from the Government HERE. Updated 30 April: The British Government has issued the following statement with regard to voting in the UK’s possible participation in the European Parliamentary elections nextREAD MORE

Photo: Arona Ayuntamiento. Finally it seems there is a solution at hand for the appalling and increasing problems of connecting Los Cristianos and the TF1. The usual caveats apply, that this is election time when solutions are easier to find with the pressure of imminent polling, but everyone knows this is a problem that has to be resolved and it does appear that this will be the final remedy … however “eventually” that might be in reality. Arona Ayuntamiento has announced that an agreement has been signed to reroute Chayofita Avenue traffic underground with a direct exit to the motorway. Mayor José Julián Mena andREAD MORE

(photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento) A couple of weeks still to go but Thursday 30 May is Día de Canarias, Canarian Day, a Canaries-wide public holiday in celebration of the anniversary of the first official Parliamentary session of the islands on 30 May 1983, some 10 months after the Canaries became an autonomous region of Spain in August 1982. Apart from the formal and official events that are always held, with many shops and offices closed, the day is celebrated throughout the islands with a wide range of cultural events and festivities, not just on the 30th itself but several days either side, particularly over the nearestREAD MORE