Updated 22 June: Granadilla Ayuntamiento has reopened El Médano beach after the latest analyses of water quality indicate that the water is safe for bathing with an E.Coli index of 10 ufc/100ml, well below the permitted level of 500 ufc/100 ml. It is unclear why yesterday’s analysis showed 640 ufc/100 ml and the council says that it has initiated an investigation by independent analysts into the precise causes of this situation. The council has also asked water company Entemanser to carry out the necessary checks in the whole supply network. Not the most thoroughly comforting situation, perhaps, but the latest results do show that the seaREAD MORE

Photo: Arona Policía Local. A potential public health risk has been averted by Arona Policía Local who have removed several containers of potentially dangerous chemicals that were dumped in La Camella. The containers had been abandoned by thieves who had stolen the van in which they were stored for work purposes, and police say that along with the chemicals, various tools and equipment were also left behind by the thieves. The owner has been traced and reunited with his property though the van itself is still missing.READ MORE

Within 24 hours of the tragic events of yesterday morning, there has been another “kamikaze” incident, this time on the TF5 at 2am last night. Police say the vehicle, a Citroën Berlingo managed to get from Puerto de la Cruz to La Victoria before being picked up, and amazingly, and thankfully, no-one was injured and the 67-year-old driver was intercepted and arrested by the Guardia Civil before any damage was done. It does appear that on this occasion, at least, it was a case of the driver getting lost or disoriented. The following video of the driver on the wrong carriageway of the motorway has been widelyREAD MORE

Updated 4pm: Police have confirmed that the victim driving the van was a 33-year-old bakery delivery driver from Fasnia who was just starting his working day. The driver going the wrong way was a 34-year-old Frenchman, and police are investigating whether he took the wrong turning or was intentionally driving as a kamikaze. Original post 21 June: Two men died in a head-on collision on the TF1 at Las Eras in the Arico area around 5am this morning. The accident was caused as someone drove at high speed the wrong way on the southbound carriageway, and understandably the main hypothesis at present is that it wasREAD MORE

Photo: La Orotava Ayuntamiento. Updated 21 June: Yesterday, La Orotava’s principal Corpus Christi carpet in the plaza in front of the Ayuntamiento was unveiled for all to see. Tomorrow is the main day for the town’s sand carpet displays but from today they are on show to the public in all their glory. Original post 26 April: I’m always asked well in advance about the Corpus Christi carpets in La Orotava, so for those who want to make plans to see La Orotava’s Corpus Christi carpets this year, 2017’s display will be on Thursday, 22 June. The making of the famous alfombras form part of LaREAD MORE

Photo: Tenerife Turismo. It’s the summer solstice today, and so the beginning of the height of summer, and so, too, Tenerife will be pretty much completely on holiday until the end of August. As I posted HERE, the midsummer celebrations in Tenerife focus on St John the Baptist, with fire and fireworks celebrations all over the island this Friday, 23 June, but over the next two months or so the main series of summer fiestas will honour the Virgen del Carmen – the Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel who is the patron saint of fishermen. Perhaps the biggest celebration is in Puerto de la Cruz where tensREAD MORE