The 36th International Music Festival of the Canaries will be held throughout the islands in January and February 2020. In Tenerife, the concerts will mainly be in the Auditorio de Tenerife Adán Martín in Santa Cruz, but also in Teatro Guímera and the Conservatory. The festival’s main website is HERE and the programme of concerts in Tenerife is HERE.READ MORE

Updated 18 September: With reports that Boris Johnson has been given a fortnight by French President Emmanuel Macron and Finnish PM Antti Rinne to come up with specific and workable proposals to replace the backstop for the Irish border, and with Parliament prorogued and the Supreme Court now considering its judgment on whether the prorogation was lawful or not, British nationals in the EU are being advised to consider a proxy vote for a forthcoming snap General Election or second referendum rather than relying on a postal vote which, in the experience of many during the actual referendum, simply did not materialise. Clearly many hereREAD MORE

Photo: Arona Ayuntamiento. Updated 18 September: Arona Ayuntamiento says that following Sanidad’s latest inspection the closure of Los Cristianos beach has been lifted. The council says that the analyses show normal parameters and water perfectly suitable for bathing and so the beach has been reopened from lunchtime. Original post 17 September: Los Cristianos beach is closed again today after the latest analysis of water quality shows E.coli bacteria. The area has been cordoned off as a security measure, with the council saying it is investigating the cause of the problem, and is in touch with the Ports Authority and the Insular Water Board to establishREAD MORE

There are thousands of abandoned dogs in Tenerife. For the past twelve years, local artist Nikki Attree has been helping the hardworking animal rescue centres on the island to raise awareness of the issues, and now she is holding an exhibition in the Adeje Cultural Centre between 18 and 30 October. Her work expresses the contrasting emotions provoked by visiting refuges and witnessing the hundreds of dogs in cages. Some images are bleak, lonely, edgy—showing the sadness and hopelessness of these dogs’ lives … others are colourful , optimistic, happy—revealing their quirky, funny personalities. Dog’s Monthly magazine described her paintings as: “Art with a Heart”.READ MORE

I imagine that there will be quite a few Spanish equivalents to Brenda of Bristol saying not another one but it does appear that Spain will have to go the polls again on 10 November, the fourth time in as many years. In a fracturing two-party system that the UK itself might need to get used to, there is no longer stability now that the PSOE and PP, the two major parties equating roughly to Labour and the Conservatives, have been joined by the centre-right Ciudadanos and the centre-left Podemos. Vox, a far right party, is also in the mix as are any number ofREAD MORE

Next week will see a whole range of events celebrating World Tourism Day. The big day itself is Friday 27 September, but really now it’s a whole week of events from markets to live music, competitions and shows, food fairs and much more. One of the first to start is  Santiago del Teide where the council has announced a series of entertainments in both Playa La Arena and Plaza Buganvilla in Los Gigantes. World Tourism Day has an official website HERE, but wherever you are in the tourist areas, there is going to be something going on!READ MORE