10 August: HERE & HERE –  clouds, stars, rumours and Quarantennials. 6 August: HERE & HERE – more masks, Canarian covid insurance, Swallows and long-term stays, and how La Gomera is bucking the downward tourism trend! 3 August: HERE & HERE – a tiny bit of Covid and Brexit but mainly it’s Tenerife rural life and this afternoon’s Barley Moon! RIP too to John Hume, and a look ahead to a bodega visit … 30 July: HERE & HERE – waves versus tides, Canarian preparations for que va a pasar (what’s coming), the new normal redefined, consistency and clarity in a time of increasing divergenceREAD MORE

Updated 9 August: As we know, the Walk For Life is different this year … here’s the lovely Daniel O’Donnell about how he’s joining in with it, himself, walking with his own heart! Original post 15 July: The Canarian Foundation Carrera por la Vida – Walk for Life has been chosen by the Think Pink Europe network, as the solo Spanish organiser of the RACE FOR THE CURE, the most far-reaching digital race ever organised across the continent of Europe. The Think Pink Europe network brings together multiple associations and initiatives from 30 different countries, whose primary aim is to fight breast cancer. The Canarian FoundationREAD MORE

The UK Government currently advises British nationals against all but essential travel to the whole of Spain. Anyone who travels to Tenerife despite this advice may find their insurance invalid, and Government assistance in the case of even non-Covid-related problems minimized if not not-existent. Everyone who returns from any part of Spain must also quarantine for a fortnight on arrival back in the UK. Please see HERE for more information on this situation. Spain is no longer under an estado de alarma but various parts of the country are experiencing local lockdowns. In the Canaries, we are in the New Normal, a stage likely toREAD MORE

Photo: Canarian Parliament. Some countries adopt a rather strident approach and language to immigration, but others are more nuanced. Today, Gustavo Matos, the President of the Canarian Parliament, has reminded of one of the hardest odysseys ever undertaken in respect of the Canaries … one made by 171 Canarians 70 years ago when they boarded the Telémaco in search of hoped-for success and a new life in the Americas. Matos says that it’s good to remember this date when we look at the migrants who today risk their lives by crossing oceans for a chance at a dignified life. No talk of “illegal refugees” here,READ MORE

Updated 8 August: It was confirmed yesterday by the EU Commission during a Joint Specialised Committee discussing citizens’ rights that British nationals resident in Spain or another EU country will be able to move to a different EU country after 1.1.21 and won’t lose their right of onward movement under three clear conditions: they started to reside permanently in Spain (or other EU country) before 31.12.20, they have permanencia from being legally in the country for a minimum of five years, and they can demonstrate their permanencia with their biometric residence document. This right will be enjoyed by all registrants from now on once they’veREAD MORE

Just a quick apology … for some reason since the latest update to the software, all new posts need to have comments physically turned on. Previously that was the default. I’ve just noticed all new posts have had comments turned off, and this wasn’t intentional! I’ll try to remember but if you want to comment on a post and find it’s not possible, please just let me know! Only very rarely do I disable comments so it’ll almost certainly be an oversight!READ MORE