A paraglider died this lunchtime after falling in Adeje. Emergency services say that they were called out shortly after 1pm with reports that the man had fallen in an area of Taucho with very difficult access. A search and rescue helicopter team located him and after immobilizing him, winched him up, but sadly he had suffered a cardiac arrest and despite ongoing efforts by the crew to resuscitate him, work contined by the medical teams waiting at the Adeje helipad, nothing could be done to bring him back and they could only confirm his death. There are no details as of yet as to theREAD MORE

The last two meteor showers of 2018 will be the Geminids this coming week and the Ursids on 21 December. The Geminids peak this Friday 13 December, the shower being considered one of the best each year, sometimes with over 100 meteors an hour. They seem to radiate from the constellation Gemini which is high in the night sky now, off at an angle from the top of Orion. This year, however, there’ll be an almost-full moon so viewing will not be at its optimum. By comparison the Ursids are not a brilliant shower but at least this year the moon is not going toREAD MORE

A patera with 26 on board arrived at the Granadilla coast overnight. Emergency services say that there were 14 men and 12 women in the craft which came into Los Abrigos harbour. SUC and Cruz Roja assessed and assisted the occupants, but only one needed medical help, a woman who was taken to a local hospital where her condition is said to be comfortable.READ MORE

Graphic Aemet. Updated 6 December: The further rainfall arrived and, as promised, fell as snow in the National Park. The weather system continues to affect us but councils have now been stood down from their alert footing as it is now passing and not expected to get worse. The Cabildo’s highways department has issued these photos (left, click to expand) of the Teide access roads and in the caldera itself, and confirmed that with around 10cm of snow on top of ice-covered carriageways the roads will be closed until they’re safe. Anyone wanting to go up to see the snow is advised to check theREAD MORE

A 67-year-old British man who went missing from his hotel yesterday has been found in the Barranco del Pinque near Playa Paraiso. Emergency services say that they were called out by the hotel’s reception on behalf of the man’s family, who reported a phone call he had made to say he had fallen and needed assistance. A wide-ranging search began because he was unable to give his location, but he was found alive and well late this morning, though disoriented and suffering from hypothermia. He is now in Hospiten Sur where his condition is said to be comfortable. Involved in the search for the missingREAD MORE

Photo: Guardia Civil.  The Guardia Civil has the first “green police” unit, Seprona, in the whole of Europe. Seprona stands for Servicio de Protección de la Naturaleza and it has now been going for more than 30 years. Its guiding mission is the conservation of nature and the environment, and we usually hear about the Unit in the autumn when alerts and requests for help are widespread for the hatching Pardelas (see HERE), but the Force’s remit is far more widespread, policing water resources, hunting, fishing and forestry protection.  One thing they do that is perhaps not widely understood is police animal maltreatment generally (seeREAD MORE