A motorcyclist died this afternoon after a collision between his bike and a car on the TF-247 to Araya, Candelaria. Emergency services say that they were called out just after half past four with reports of the accident, but that the rider suffered a cardiac arrest while ambulance crew were transferring him to hospital with multiple injuries to his limbs and head. Sadly, he was declared dead on arrival.READ MORE

Photo: Arona Ayuntamiento. Cho-Parqe La Reina is to be the home of the first ever tanatorio-crematorio in south Tenerife. The new crematorium, inaugurated today, will offer a complete funerary service for all in the south without relatives and friends of the deceased forced to make the journey up to the crematoria in the metropolitan area. The facility is the work of Grupo Mémora which has invested over €1m in the project, which provides four chapels of rest, an oratory chapel, and the cremation facilities. The new crematorium was opened by Arona mayor José Julián Mena who was accompanied by a representative from Grupo Mémora, JuanREAD MORE

(All photos: Tenerife Cabildo) Updated 9 January 2019: After last year’s rebranding exercise and the provision of institutional finance for the Atogo motor-racing circuito, the Tenerife Cabildo has today announced that the first works now under its control have been approved for tendering. The works will focus at this point on the north access to the circuit, which is now called the Parque Internacional del Motor de Tenerife, and have a budget of approximately €3.2m financed by the Marco Estratégico de Desarrollo Insular del Cabildo (MEDI) and the Canarian Government’s Fondo de Desarrollo (Fdcan). When the contract is awarded, the works have a ten-month execution period. The northREAD MORE

Updated 9 January 2019: Los Cristianos carnaval 2019 will be between 21 March and 1 April, the council has announced today as it unveiled the poster showing the theme of the town’s carnival will be The Jungle. Arona says the area will be invaded by wild animals, tropical forests, and an unbeatably colourful atmosphere! Meanwhile, Los Gigantes, another very popular carnival in the south, will be between 15 and 23 March. Updated 17 October 2018: The 2019 poster for Santa Cruz’s carnival has been chosen by public vote, and announced tonight. It’s this one, designed by José Luis Trujillo González and called Encarnación del Carnaval marino toREAD MORE

Photo: Tenerife Cabildo. The Tenerife Cabildo has handed over to the Guardia Civil evidence that someone has been painting rocks in the national park. The Cabildo says that its environment department is liaising with the Guardia Civil’s environmental unit, and that a detailed report with images of daubs and images that have been painted in the Llano de Ucanca and even on the top of the Guajara peak has been handed over so that Seprona can determine the appropriate investigation and action. Fines of between €150 and €600 can be imposed for damaging the National Park in addition to having to repay the costs involvedREAD MORE

Photo collage: Adeje Ayuntamiento. As every year, the first fiesta in Adeje’s year gives an opportunity to see some real Canarian tradition in the heart of the tourist area. The fiesta is of one of the town’s patrons, San Sebastian, and takes place in La Caleta on Saturday and Sunday, 19 and 20 January, with horsemen riding into the sea, and pastoral farmers dragging their goats and sheep into the water for the animals to be blessed. The event’s draw makes it almost more a spectacular tourist event than a religious one, but despite the tens of thousands of people who turn up to watch it, at its core is theREAD MORE