UK Ambassador Hugh Elliott, has sent the following message to all British nationals in Spain. Please see HERE for all updated information about Brexit as it affects UK nationals in Spain. As you know, the UK will be leaving the EU on 31 January and we are on course to leave with a Deal, so I wanted to explain some of the jargon around the parliamentary process and, crucially, what all of this means for British nationals living in Spain. Citizens’ rights have always been an important part of the negotiations on our exit from the EU. Indeed the citizens’ rights parts of the WithdrawalREAD MORE

Police say they have arrested a British man in Adeje who was the subject of a European Arrest Warrant for shooting two policemen in the UK, one in 2016 and the other at point blank range in a Glasgow police station in 2006. The detainee is also suspected of belonging to an organized crime syndicate, as well as possible involvement in as many as six other killings. The Policía Nacional say that in conjunction with British police, they have been investigating the possibility that the man was in Spain for some months, and he was finally identified as resident in a south Tenerife apartment complex,READ MORE

The body of a man missing from his Güímar home since Saturday has been found in the sea off the Granadilla coast, the Guardia Civil has confirmed. The 36-year-old has been named as Agustín Brisson Blanco, and he is sadly the first victim of the sea in Tenerife in 2020. The search was foused on the correct area after the man’s vehicle was discovered yesterday near La Tejita.READ MORE

Figures for drownings in the Canaries in 2019 continued the lower trend started in 2018 but there were still 57 people who drowned in the sea around these islands last year, 15 of them in Tenerife. In 2018 there were 56 deaths, 18 in Tenerife. This was heralded as good news compared with the figures for 2017 when 93 drowned, but clearly these figures are still far too high.  As usual, the vast majority, around three quarters, are foreigners, mostly male, and the authorities and organizations that work to reduce drownings here say that prevention is key to reducing these fatalities further. Let’s hope theREAD MORE

Photo: Ángel Torres, Canarian President. Updated 7 January 2020: After Podemos and the PSOE reached a coalition pact in November, the new Spanish Government has finally been sworn in. Spain now has a centre-left Government, and in respect particularly to Tenerife, that matches with the regional Canarian Government which is now PSOE and with the Tenerife Cabildo and its president, the PSOE’s Pedro Martín, formerly mayor of Guía de Isora. The southern tourism hotspots of Adeje and Arona are also PSOE strongholds, so if ever there was a chance for streamlined social advances and policies with a common cause, now is that time! Updated 12 NovemberREAD MORE

Photo: Gobcan Turismo. Everyone knows that the Reyes are the Kings who bring presents to the baby Jesus and to good Spanish children at Epiphany, and many will have seen a very traditional food in the supermarkets for Kings’ Day – the Roscón de Reyes, a ring-shaped enriched dough bun that represents the shape of the Kings’ crowns. The roscones are covered with sticky coloured sweet shapes (the crown jewels!) and filled with sweet cream. This year, however, of the 700,000 roscones sold by El Corte Inglés throughout Spain, 460 have also been filled with gifts including a diamond worth €2,400, 350 diamond pendants inREAD MORE