It might make little actual difference but it might lighten our spirits a bit in these dark times, literally too, when the evenings start drawing out, as they will from tonight when we turn the clocks forward an hour. In my case, Spring Forward means chaos for a couple of days while I work out which have also adjusted themselves automatically … so there is a woolly two-hour gap in some parts of my house! But tonight, at 2am, we turn forward any of the clocks that don’t do it by themselves, and tomorrow evening it will still be light until around 8.30pm.   Today tooREAD MORE

The Spanish Government has banned “objective dismissals” during the covid19 crisis. Sacking staff is prohibited with immedate though not retroactive effect. Minister for Work and Social Economy Yolanda Diaz said that “no-one can use this health crisis for their own gain, or use Covid 19 as an excuse to sack staff”. The ban applies to dismissals for “fuerza mayor” or on economic, technical, organizational or production grounds that employers might claim are justified by the covid19 crisis. READ MORE

Shoppers at Iceland supermarkets in Tenerife might find it harder to flout the rules about shopping in pairs from now on. Despite the State of Emergency being in place, and despite it being made crystal clear by all authorities that only one may go out at a time and only one may shop at a time (with very limited exceptions), some still feel able to flout the rules wth complete disregard for their own, and more importantly everyone else’s, safety. One shopper today has reported confronting two couples in an Iceland store in south Tenerife. The first clearly knew they were breaking the rules butREAD MORE

Photos: Adeje Ayuntamiento. Adeje’s municipal water service, managed by Entemanser, a branch of Aqualia, is continuing its work during the state of emergency, to guarantee that all residents have access to clean water, especially during these days, confined, as we are, to our homes. Aqualia have already dealt with a number of leaks, notably in the Siam Park and the Los Menores zones, alerted to the problems by residents who noticed an absence of or drop in the pressure of water. The company, using the latest technology, were able to locate the leaks and fix them without enormous inconvenience to residents. The company also hasREAD MORE

Unfortunately, though perhaps not unexpectedly, the famous Cruces & Fuegos fiesta in Los Realejos on 3 May has been cancelled this year. Organizers are very sad but say that 2021’s fiesta will be all the more poignant. The fiesta draws people from around the island and even further afield. The fiesta itself is part of the Fiestas de la Cruz held throughout Tenerife but in Los Realejos it lasts just over a month from the end of April to the beginning of June, and the fireworks are what people come from far and wide to see. They have been granted National Tourist Interest status and areREAD MORE

Photo: Gobcan. Updated 23 March: Well it rained, and it blew … and up in the caldera, around the observatory, it was like this! Teide is a whiteout at the moment. Esta mañana del 23 de marzo, Día Mundial de la Meteorología, nuestro técnico Virgilio Carreño, en imagen, y Ramón Ramos, nuestro jefe de sistemas básicos (filmando), revisan la instrumentación poco después de un fuerte temporal con vientos cercanos a 150 Km/h @AEMET_Izana — AEMET_Izaña (@AEMET_Izana) March 23, 2020 Original post 22 March: The Canarian Government’s Security and Emergency Board has declared an alert for gales in Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro,READ MORE