A 30-year-old German woman died this afternoon while practising climbing in the Barranco de Tamadaya in the Arico area. Emergency services say that they were called out just after 5pm with reports that the woman had fallen, and that bomberos resuced her from where she had landed. They evacuated her to waiting ambulance crew who transferred her to a medical helicopter ambulance waiting at Arico football pitch. This was going to transfer her to hospital but sadly during the rescue efforts she died from the severity of the injuries she had sustained in the fall.READ MORE

The following are updates (latest first) on the current situation while Brexit negotiations take place. At present nothing is confirmed, with everything still to be determined through the two-year process. Please also see HERE for general thoughts on the situation of British residents of Tenerife. Updated 10 February: It’s now less than 7 weeks away from the final second of the clock that’s been ticking away for over 2 years, counting down the time remaining for the UK’s membership of the EU … or the time remaining for the UK to win its freedom, depending on your stance. My mailbag suggests that those who wereREAD MORE

Date&time/incident/area Thursday 14 February: 9.15am-midday. Electricity cut in Playa de las Américas. Areas affected: Calle Antonio Domínguez. Friday 18 January: As forecast yesterday (see HERE), the weather has turned and brought wind and some rain which has turned to snow at altitude. Although Teide isn’t as white as we might have expected – that may yet be to come – there has been a considerable amount of ice on the road through the caldera and so all access roads are currently closed. This is likely to be repeated several times over the next few days and possibly weeks so before going up into the National Park it’s bestREAD MORE

Updated 7 February 2019: The Spanish Congress has failed to approve this legislation, and so all the law reverts to the previous measures. This means that there now will not be an increase in the period of residential rental contracts which will continue to be renewable with extensions for three years not the five the new law envisaged. Also, protections proposed for socially-vulnerable tenants will be lost, as will those concerning contract and administration fees charged by business landlords. Finally, lost too will be the reduction to 60% of the vote required for a community to change its Statutes to limit or ban future holiday letting: thisREAD MORE

The far part of Playa de las Teresitas in Santa Cruz has been closed since yesterday when Enterococcus bacteria were found in water samples being analysed. Santa Cruz mayor José Manuel Bermúdez has said this morning that the problem is a transient one, and that he expects the beach to be reopened some time later today after fresh analysis, assuming that it shows the water clear of bacteria as expected.READ MORE

Police say that they have arrested a 44-year-old Santa Cruz man for an armed raid on a branch of the Cajasiete Bank in Tacoronte at lunchtime on Monday. The man had held up the bank with a gun and threatened the staff, locking some of them in a vault while making off with some €10,000. He was rapidly identified by CCTV footage from within the bank and taken into custody by the Guardia Civil overnight.READ MORE