Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento. Wherever you look over the next couple of weeks, and especially Wednesday next week, you’ll see floral crosses. They are symbols of the Fiesta de la Cruz de Mayo (May Cross Fiesta) which is celebrated on 3 May throughout Spain, but especially in Tenerife because it is the date on which, in 1494, Santa Cruz was founded. The best known celebration here is in Los Realejos, where a firework display that is now world-famous is part of the town’s Cruces & Fuegos fiesta (see HERE). There are also major celebrations in any town with Cruz in the name, indeed there is a municipal publicREAD MORE

Updated 22 April: There was a good turnout for the dedicated English-language writers session this lunchtime, with local authors describing their writing, their works and motivations, and how Tenerife has played a part in inspiring them. Writers discussed their creative and artistic lives before coming to Tenerife, and noted how much harder it was to network and market their works when living abroad. Many clearly see self-publishing as often the best way to proceed for new authors for this reason, as well for purely economic considerations. Books and writers included Nobody’s Poodle from Richard and Nikki Attree, the new thriller Trust Me from Gemma Metcalfe, a range ofREAD MORE

Updated 5pm: Police say that el Volcán has been arrested in Adeje by the Guardia Civil and Policía Local, and that that the already extensive criminal record of this slippery and dangerous character will now be increased yet again with the latest two outbursts, the first in Callao Salvaje, for which he was in Court on Wednesday, and the attack on his girlfriend’s property which he trashed and then set on fire immediately after the Courts had released him on bail. Police admit that even with these antecedents, unless he kills someone or is committed, there is little they can do other than round him up eachREAD MORE

Updated 20 April: Eugenio Martinéz Martinéz has been found by a search and rescue helicopter in the Barranco Badajoz area of Güímar where he had fallen. He has been transferred to Candelaria hospital for checks since he’s suffering from hypothermia and disorientation, but he’s alive and well. Original post 19 April: Eugenio Martinéz Martinéz disappeared in Puertito de Güímar yesterday. He is 73 years old, and was wearing jeans, a blue polo shirt and a grey cardigan. His family are desperate for news of him, and the Guardia Civil has asked anyone who might know anything to call them on 062 or 112.READ MORE

Photo: Asociaciones del Barrio de La Verdellada. The crowing cockerel is associated with St Peter’s denial of Christ so La Laguna’s La Verdellada area might be wishing that their own crowing cockerel problem were also over with the end of Easter. But no. Hundreds of chickens and cockerels have taken up residence in the area, and apart from the smell are noticeable by the noise they make. Residents say that they’ve given up on the idea of sleep, but that they don’t want the poultry evicted. Residents call, instead, for La Laguna Ayuntamiento to introduce some mechanism to house them and regulate their home. The growth ofREAD MORE

Opera de Tenerife has announced its 2017-2018 programme, beginning in October, which will focus on three works by Verdi, but also include Bellini’s I Capuleti e i Montecchi, Gounod’s Faust, and Mozart’s The Magic Flute. The three Verdi works will be Don Carlo, the incomparable Requiem, and the sublime La Traviata. All will be performed in the Santa Cruz auditorium apart from La Traviata, which will tour various municipalities. The full programme is HERE.READ MORE