Photo: Ejército del Aire Updated 1pm: Following the Canarian Government’s decision last night to lift the forest fire risk alert in Tenerife, this lunchtime the Cabildo has lifted its ban on fires in recreational areas and activities posing a fire risk in mountain and forested areas. The Cabildo nonetheless recommends that the public takes the utmost precautions in these areas when doing anything that could represent a risk of accidentally starting a fire. Updated 18 July: As the heatwave passes, the Canarian Government lifted the alert for forest fire risk in Tenerife as of 10pm last night. There were some dramatic images around midnight of a fire inREAD MORE

Updated 17 July: The British Consulate has confirmed that Caine Beattie is safe and that people no longer need to keep a look out for him. The Consulate is providing consular assistance and liaising with his family. Original post 16 July: A troubled 21-year-old Plymouth man is thought to be missing in Tenerife. Caine Beattie is said to suffer mental health issues and to be without his medication, and is believed to have travelled to Tenerife on Wednesday. Beattie has had previous issues with the health and legal authorities and is thought on this occasion to be trying to avoid being returned to Plymouth’s secure mentalREAD MORE

Photo: DGT. Tráfico will be holding one of its periodic “vehicle condition” campaigns this week. Starting today and until Sunday, there will be control points checking the state of vehicles stopped, their lights, tyres, ITV, etc. Of course these issued are policed all year round, but periodically specific additional campaigns are carried out. Drivers can therefore expect to see extra control points in addition to normal traffic policing.READ MORE

Just a warning for anyone with animals in Tejina de Isora, in Guía de Isora, that it appears someone is putting out poison. This morning within yards of each other there were two dead cats and a dead dog, another cat died soon after. Anyone in the area should just take care.READ MORE

Arona Policía Local have intervened in a domestic violence incident in Las Galletas. Police say that a patrol was alerted by locals that there was a problem with neighbours, and thankfully a man was detained without his partner being injured. Police remind the public that calling 016 is free, and that if anyone is in a situation where they are fearful in their own home, there are measures and organizations to help. Please see HERE, and be reassured that there is an absolute guarantee from the authorities here of confidentiality and safety for any victim of abuse, whether physical or psychological violence, including attacks against sexualREAD MORE

I’m happy to help spread the word about a forthcoming charity event in Abades on 5 August being organized by Theresa and George Edwards. Theresa says “We have been completely overwhelmed by the generosity of local businesses that we always support. We thought that most would say ‘no’ as there looks to be a lot of regular public charity events that they donate to as well. Additionally, we have also had some quite large donations to our Just Giving account which currently stands at over £365. I am hoping to easily exceed my personal target of £500.” Theresa’s mother died ten years ago from breastREAD MORE