You will see that this is not a short read …  references where appropriate are given as links behind text. There is a Spanish version of this article HERE (versión española AQUÍ). In a way, I started In Tenerife before the website even existed. Back in 2005 I was trying to help and advise on an old Holiday Lettings website … I can’t even properly remember the name now but I think it was Holiday Lettings. Certainly it was before even the first of the several Tenerife Forums that have come and gone over the past couple of decades, and my involvement at the timeREAD MORE

This won’t be the last post on this blog but there are times when I think a post will be the last one. This is one such. God knows I’ve opposed Brexit. God knows I’ve fought against it, worked to prevent it, engaged in work behind legal actions to ensure it was done legally, if it had to be … but when one of the main architects, authors, bully boys and production managers of Brexit itself calls it a “fiasco” you know it for what it is, a self-enriching corrupt asset-stripping bastardization of the United Kingdom – while it still remains such. I give youREAD MORE

While the ignorati play silly buggers trying to get on planes without tests and others openly on social media relish the risks caused by the confusion in application of Level 4 measures, others are waiting to go into hospital for operations for existing conditions. Some who might have gone into Candelaria Hospital will now have to be operated on in HUC because so many beds are being used in Candelaria for obvious reasons. The arrangement is part of the Plan Aborda and will see unpostponable gynaecological and urological operations switched from the one hospital to the other. Sanidad (Canarias) says that Candelaria will continue carryingREAD MORE

Updated 4 August 2021: The European Council confirmed yesterday that as part of the EU’s increased security measures the new scheme will come into place next year to allow the EU to cross-check visa-exempt arrivals in the Schengen area against EU information systems. The rules will apply to all non-EU nationals who now of course include British citizens. Visitors subject to the rules will pay €7 to register and obtain authorization via a three-year pass before travelling. Approval is expected to be very fast, operating in a similar way to the American visa-waiver system ESTA. To clarify one source of British tabloid misinformation, these were rulesREAD MORE

Updated 3 August: After yesterday’s call to behave responsibly, Sanidad today reports an unvaccinated pensioner who tested positive at the end of the July after suffering symptoms compatible with covid. They decided not to tell anyone, however, including Sanidad, and although they did self-isolate, have ended up today in Intensive Care. Obviously people have their own reasons for their own behaviour, assuming they’re rational, but the official instructions on what to do if you have symptoms are to call the free helpline 900 112 061 (just 112 if an emergency) and do NOT attend a medical centre. The protocols for possible covid infection will then automaticallyREAD MORE

The famous Perseid meteor shower will peak Thursday next week, 12 August, though meteors will be visible already from this spectacular shower, and will remain visible for some time after the peak. The Perseids can produce well over 50 very bright meteors an hour, and this year astronomers say they are expecting around 100! The Cabildo generally activates a protocol, as they did last year, to ensure safety for all the cars that traditionally drive up to the caldera to view the shower: right now of course their main concern is the gathering of crowds so it is very likely that some sort of regimeREAD MORE