Update 1 April: HERE‘s this year’s album, from Guía de Isora, of their Pascua Florida, where every street and corner of the town has easter-themed floral displays. Beautiful and moving. Update 27 March: Just bringing this back up to the top of the news feed for easy access now that the Easter holiday is here, and to add Guía de Isora’s programme which, apart from Adeje’s Passion Play, is to my mind the municipality with the most stunning Easter programme. In the old town centre itself, the plazas and pretty cobbled streets are strewn with floral displays for the Pascua Florida, a fundamental part of its EasterREAD MORE

I’ve just had to close the Update on Illegal Letting Situation post to comments because it reached 150 replies, and that affects formatting. I was just posting a comment to that effect when it occurred to me that there was something new that I could post that would reopen the issue, and therefore the ability for comments. It is that this week, Tenerife Weekly published an article they’d asked me to write on the matter when I posted about the Supreme Court judgment and the new inspections tactics, and I must say that the writing of it was itself a useful exercise in compressing the informationREAD MORE

Update 29 March: Kirk’s parter Lesley has organized a celebration of his life for his friends in Tenerife. She hopes many will come, and asks that only bright colours are worn – no black! The get together will be held at the La Caña bar in Los Abrigos this coming Tuesday, 2 April, from 2pm: it will last throughout the day until just past midnight, so that people can attend as their schedules allow. La Caña will have their entertainment equipment set up, so that any of his entertainment friends who would like to say a few words, tell an amusing story about him or singREAD MORE

The Tenerife tourism authorities have released a list of what they call “los imprescindibles” – the essentials. These are the stunning places that you just have to see in Tenerife. The list comprises cliffs, volcanos, and world-heritage towns. Here it is: I’m not sure I could improve on it even if asked!  How many have you seen? What might you add to your own list? Los Gigantes cliffs (the links go to a Spanish description, but top right there’s an English button to switch languages) – those cliffs, that view, the one everyone knows, and often the first spectacular sight of Tenerife on approach to TFS. TheseREAD MORE

A woman was killed after being knocked down by the tram in the Las Mantecas area of La Laguna, Metropolitano de Tenerife has confirmed. The poor woman’s death, causes of which are still unknown, occurred on Line 1 heading from La Laguna to Santa Cruz at 12.27 this lunchtime. Initially, the tram service was operating just between the Intercambiador and Hospital Universitario de Canarias (HUC), and another stretch between Guajara and Avenida de La Trinidad, with the intervening points having free buses laid on for passengers until the body could be removed, but as of 2pm, tram authorities say the line has been fully reopened. ThisREAD MORE

Update 25 March: As I posted on 14 March below, there are three recent judgments from the Canarian High Court where fines were overturned on the grounds of a successful appeal based on the EU’s Bolkestein Directive. I apologise for the delay in coming back to this to get the information out but felt that it was too important to post something that was possibly incorrect: as I said then, it was too early to give firm legal opinion until the judgments were considered in detail. I now have the judgments and legal opinion in my possession, and can confirm that they have nothing whatsoever to do withREAD MORE