Crime is, sadly, rocketing, and one area of crime that is rocketing more than any other seems to be opportunistic pickpocketing, so can I suggest that we all, residents and visitors, think about our purses and wallets? I normally carry a couple of much-loved photos, and two or three really quite irreplaceable things – not at all valuable, at least not to anyone else. I’m going to continue to carry the photos, but after I’ve scanned them so I always have a copy on the computer, and am going to store the precious things with other mementos at home. At least this way, if myREAD MORE

Update 16 January: I just wanted to bring this post back up with the good news that one of my readers has got the Foreign Office to reinstate the warning about Arona beaches. The FO’s travel warning about the lifeguards had been removed, and Mandy contacted them to complain that it should still be listed. She has just posted below that the FO has replied to say that the warning was removed in error and that it has now been reinstated. Well done to Mandy for taking the initiative, and well done to the foreign office for reinstating the warning, and confirming to all travellers that AronaREAD MORE

Update 3pm: All Teide access roads now open. Let the snowball-on-the-car competitions begin! Update 5 March: The Cabildo says that teams are working intensively to clear up as the storm passes now over to the eastern islands, and that they hope to get all roads passable again today. Teide access roads are closed with snow at high levels – the above picture has just been released by the Cabildo. There are reports that there has been a fairly major problem with water  supply in the Playa San Juan and Alcalá areas due to a breakage in supply pipes. I’ll update if there’s any more on this, but itREAD MORE

At some point the authorities are going to have to face up to the problem of mental illness in the community, not least since it seems to be increasing with the rise in numbers of people suffering economic difficulties and even homelessness. We have an all-too-vivid instance of the horrors such mental problems can cause in Deyan Deyanov, sentenced only yesterday to twenty years, and yesterday too, a policeman was assaulted in Los Cristianos by a Polish man said to be suffering “diminished responsibility”. The policeman is fine, and detail is still sketchy, but it is confirmed that the assault involved the man trying toREAD MORE

The Red Cross, together with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM)  has organized a piano concert being held tomorrow, 1 March, in the Centro Civico in Cabo Blanco. Tickets are just €3, and can be bought from the Centro Civico itself. Proceeds will go to buy food for the municipality’s most needy families. Conducting will be Juan Carlos Malagon Hernández, and the programme will include works from famous composers including Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, and Mozart. Even if it’s not your type of music, it’s for a very good cause. The one-hour concert starts at 7pm.  READ MORE

Update 28 February: Deyan Deyanov has been sentenced to 20 years in a high security pyschiatric prison. Compensation to the daughters of his tragic victim has also been awarded, and set at €100,000. Update 22 February: Deyan Deyanov has been found guilty of murdering Jennifer Mills-Westley. When asked if he wanted to say anything as the hearing ended he said “Yes, I am Jesus Christ”. Sentencing is awaited, but will very likely be between 15 and 20 years in a high security psychiatric prison, the two terms being those requested respectively by the defence and prosecution. Update 17 February: The trial of Deyan Deyanov starts tomorrow, Monday, and isREAD MORE