Update 21 November: Unemployment, evictions, social exclusion … all are being blamed for an horrendous new effect of the crisis: families handing over their children into temporary care in order to avoid losing them altogether. The legal term is guarda , what we would call custody, where the child effectively becomes a ward of Court. Between 2009 and 2011, 237 children were placed in guarda, of whom 77 were handed over last year, 70 in 2010. Every attempt is made, it seems, for children to be placed in foster families or care homes near the parents, and of the 77 from 2011, 56 remained in the sameREAD MORE

There’ll be a Christmas market on 30 November, 1 & 2 December between 5pm and 10pm in the carpark next to the music school in Adeje … to the side of the fountain roundabout near Mercadona.  Apart from the market, there’ll be music, carol singing, children’s entertainments, and the Red Cross will be collecting food and games for those who won’t be having the happiest Christmas this year. I’ll update this post as other markets are announced.    READ MORE

Update 21 November: Arona major José Alberto González Reverón resigned at midday today. The resignation comes after the failure of his appeal against a Court judgment in June which imposed a four and a half year disqualification from holding public office. The mayor had repeatedly refused to step down until his appeal was heard, despite an increasing clamour that he should do so. The now former mayor Reverón said that although he had the absolute respect for the  judicial administration, the sentence against him was “unjust, disproportionate and inhumane”. The opposition PP, however, has called for Sr Reverón to repay salary taken since the initial judgment onREAD MORE

A 57-year-old Polish walker had to be rescued by helicopter shortly before 2.30 this afternoon after being overcome by altitude sickness when climbing Teide at just over 3,000 metres. He was airlifted to the helipad at the Adeje fire station, and then transferred by ambulance to Hospiten Sur. I’ve seen people plan to climb to the top of Teide with the slightest amount of preparation, and even go up with clothing suitable for the coast. It’s important to remember that it’s not just a case of low temperatures on a mountain of this size, but of altitude sickness too. No-one would climb Kilimanjaro, which is theREAD MORE

Update 19 November: And updated again … this little girl is growing up fast … Link Update 28 October: Updated again now that Rosie’s experienced her first rain! What chaos! Link post 12 October:  I’ve updated it tonight, HERE, after Rosie spent her first evening alone in the house, in charge, while we were at the Oktoberfest. She was a very very very good girl, and knows it!READ MORE

Update 18 November: This measure comes into force tomorrow and will apply to any operation in which an autonomo, professional or business is involved. The new rules were published in the BOE on 30 October, and the Agencia Tributaria (AEAT) expects that it will limit cases of fiscal fraud. AEAT says that over the past five years some 1.5 billion Euros has been “regularized” from inspections which have detected cash transactions. Sanctions for those breaking the new regulations will involve fines of 25% of the amount of the illegal operation with both parties to the transaction being held responsible. Moreover, sanctions can accumulate, so that if an autonomo isREAD MORE