I don’t know why but I’ve had several almost identical queries today asking how someone can find out when they can return to Spain. Something’s going on and these enquirers have obviously not been looking at existing posts … So, if you would like to find out when you can return to Spain, I can tell you that at present you may not enter Spain unless you are a legal resident – which means being registered with the police as a resident in Spain and being in possession of a green Certificado de Registro. You will also have to be carrying the original of yourREAD MORE

We’ve seen several councils cancel their summer programmes of festive and cultural events, but one of the most missed might be La Orotava which has now cancelled its own including the famous and loved sand carpets.  Sadly, 2020 will not see any celebrations in the town until at least October because of the covid19 outbreak. The cancellation is the first such in the municipio in over a century – the last one was in 1891 and itself was due to a pandemic, that time of smallpox.READ MORE

As Tenerife starts to emerge into the new normality, making its tentative steps in Phase 0 of the de-escalation, this video shows what this island has been like during the past seven or so weeks. A deserted but beautiful, and compliantly caring, Tenerife! A new normality will dawn rather than an old one return, perhaps. This is home, either way …  READ MORE

Just a reminder that the Eta Aquarids meteor shower will be peaking overnight tomorrow, Tuesday 5-6 May. It’s an above average shower that runs from late April to the middle of May, and although best seen from the southern hemisphere is still worth looking out for nearer the equator in the northern hemisphere. The full list of 2020’s other meteor showers is HERE.READ MORE

I just need to say that I cannot possibly be expected to post every day “they haven’t yet announced about … ” …  whatever, whether it’s if more people can now go in a car together, when Tenerife will join phase 1, if bathing is allowed, when beaches are reopened … and which ones …  I post when things do happen or are announced, and so if there is no post, it has not happened … or I don’t know about it. Either way there is absolutely no point in contacting me. If there is news I will post about it, assuming I know aboutREAD MORE

Just a reminder that this Friday, 1 May, is a national public holiday for May Day or Workers Day. Banks, and any offices and shops that are still open during this covid19 outbreak will almost certainly be closed for this reason, and the Canarian Government has confirmed that official acts and events will not take place as planned this year. For a full list of 2020′s public holidays, please see HERE.READ MORE