A 77-year-old Los Realejos man has been arrested by the Guardia Civil after being denounced for beating to death his heavily pregnant dog. A neighbour denounced the man and Garachico Servicio de Protección de la Naturaleza (Seprona) officers investigated, and found the Podenco bitch buried: she was no more than a few days away from giving birth and had been killed by blows to the head.READ MORE

Aemet has issued a forecast for the first real heatwave of 2014. From Sunday, a calima bringing temperatures of up to 37º could last for the whole week. Please do read my page HERE on staying safe in heatwaves in Tenerife.  READ MORE

As part of the European election, there is an open meeting this evening at 7pm in the Atlantic Holiday Centre in Callao Salvaje. The speaker is one of Spain’s former socialist ministers, Trinidad Jiménez, who served as Health Minister, and then Foreign Secretary, in the Zapatero government. The meeting will be in Spanish, of course, but this is a great opportunity to hear a real political heavyweight speak in the context of European elections that affect us all.READ MORE

Update 10pm: In the press conference held this evening to welcome Eten into Christie’s worldwide network of luxury property agencies, it was quite clear that some serious money is going to be changing hands as a result of this new affiliation. Joachim Wrang-Widén, senior VP of Christie’s Real Estate for Europe, Africa and the Middle East said that there were several explicit reasons why the world’s largest luxury real-estate network and art dealership and auctioneers had decided to move into the Canaries. First, he said, it was a case of climate within Europe, an unbeatable position that these islands enjoyed. Secondly, there was the international interestREAD MORE

Exposaldo 2014 starts today, the biggest summer event for bargain hunters, with clearance products, discounted offers, and many other attractions including cooking demonstrations and live music in the Recinto Ferial in Santa Cruz. There is even a creche so that parents can enjoy the sales and activities knowing their children are safely looked after. The website for the Exposaldo is HERE. The event is on until 12 May.READ MORE

Update 4pm: The Guardia Civil is now saying that this man was not equipped adequately for mountain climbing. I suspect that that statement alone is a precursor to a bill being sent out for the rescue, since it is one of the factors specified in the legislation providing for charges to be made for risky activities: see HERE. Original post 7 May: Emergency teams were in action throughout the night in the Teide national park looking for a British man after receiving reports that he had fallen and injured himself while climbing Teide. From midnight, bomberos, search and rescue teams, Cruz Roja and the Guardia Civil were involved in theREAD MORE