Update 5 June: The vehicle was a four-wheel-drive Mitsubishi L200 which ended up as above. It seems that it struck a wall and shot off, falling down a small embankment, turning over several times and crashing into the terrace where the victim had just come out of the house, which transpires to have belonged to her mother. She and her husband had just been visiting and were on their way to their own car to go home to their house in Carretera General del Sur, nearby. The husband, it appears, had a miraculous escape. The victim has been identified as R. María Nieves Bermúdez Díaz.READ MORE

Update 4 June: It appears that the man wielding the knife was a 45-year-old Gran Canarian known as Manuel Salvador. It appears he was an indigent, and that he was mentally disturbed. He first broke a window, causing various cuts, and then threatened customers with the knife. One of them was stabbed in the stomach after confronting him. According to one witness, he then left the bar and climbed on a wall, and when the Guardia Civil arrived he started to cut himself, though his injuries appear not to have been serious. The customer who had been stabbed was attended at the scene by ambulanceREAD MORE

Update 1 June: The alert for high temperature of up to 34º, higher at altitude, is estimated to last throughout today and tomorrow. Temperatures will start to return to normal from throughout Thursday, as the south-easterly wind which brings the calima dust is replaced by northerlies. LO Original post 31 May: Aemet has just activated a yellow alert for high temperatures up to 34º in Tenerife over the next few hours. The alert also applies to Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote y Fuerteventura. At the moment, Aemet is showing the alert as lasting at least until Wednesday. This is almost certainly connected with a calima thatREAD MORE

Paulino Rivero, President of the Canaries, has started a personal blog. In his first post, entitled ¡Hola, Canarias! ¡Hola, Mundo!, he talks honestly about the technical help he’s had but guarantees that all posts and comments made in his name on the blog will be made by him personally. “This is my personal blog, and therefore, a space for me to show myself in a different way to how I’m normally seen” he says in the post. Could be interesting! The blog is HEREREAD MORE

The self-employed, autónomos, who are perhaps among the majority in the expatriate community, can now claim between six months’ and one year’s paro (unemployment benefit) thanks to a law unanimously passed today by the lower house of the Spanish Parliament. Autónomos who cease trading will be able to claim the benefit in accordance with the length of time they have paid contributions. Those who have paid for less than 43 months will be able to claim for 6 months’ paro, while those who have paid between 43 and 48 months will get 8 months benefit. Those who have paid for more than 48 months willREAD MORE

Thirteen Tráfico employees have been arrested after a police surveillance operation in the Jefatura Provincial de Tráfico de Santa Cruz. Since a new computer system was set up to process fines last November, it had become clear that there were many fines that had been “disappeared”, or deliberately blocked so as not to be chased. Those arrested include a manager and clerical officers. They are as of today giving evidence in Arona court 7, having been imputed (named as formal suspects) for bribery and corruption, document falsification, mistreatment of documents, and negotiations forbidden to functionaries. Investigations continue, including checks into ther bank accounts.  El DiaREAD MORE