A “green object” flying in the sky between La Palma and Tenerife was clearly seen by several witnesses yesterday. Many of them contacted the press, and some even contacted 112 emergency services, who confirmed the calls but said that since it did not constitute an emergency, they were unable to act. Civil Aviation Authorities have confirmed that nothing was detected by radar last night that could have given rise to the sightings. It is clear, however, that emergency services were contacted by various eyewitnesses from a range of different locations. Whatever this was, then, it was widely observed, flying, and remains unidentifed. A genuine UFOREAD MORE

A huge charity event is to take place this coming Saturday, 3 October, in the Magma Art and Congresses Centre in Playa de las Américas. The “Solidarity South Party” is being organized to raise funds for families in south Tenerife which have been seriously disadvantaged by the economic crisis. Monies will be distributed by Arona and Adeje Municipalities. Collaborating in the the event are the IASS, the Association of Managers and Professionals of the South of Tenerife (CEST), the Hindu Association, the CIT of the South, the Rotary Club, the Lions Club, the Association of Leisure and Restaurants of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (OICO), theREAD MORE

Three El Fraile men have been arrested by the Guardia Civil for attempted sexual assault on a woman and for beating up her companion as the pair walked through Las Galletas around 11pm on Monday evening. The three had attacked the woman, and torn her top and bra. When her companion tried to help her, the three turned on him, one holding him down while the other two beat him with an iron bar. Thankfully although traumatized, his injuries could have been much worse than the contusions he received in the face and a leg. His three attackers were a pair of Algerians of 37READ MORE

A third patera has arrived in Lanzarote this week. The two previous arrivals were two days apart, as posted immediately below, with the second one avoiding being picked up by radar or the early warning system SIVE. This time, the system worked, and the latest craft was intercepted just before 7am this morning around 4 miles to the south east of the island, and was towed into Puerto Naos by Guardia Civil. All 21 on board appear to be in good health, 10 of them seemingly minors.  Canarias24Horas Originally Posted 27 September: Only two days ago there were reports of a patera with 31 immigrantsREAD MORE

The morning-after pill (“la píldora del día después” or “la píldora poscoital) will be available in pharmacies without prescription from Monday. The move follows an announcement in May by the Spanish Health Minister, Trinidad Jiménez, that the pill would soon be available in pharmacies without prescription to all women regardless of age. The pill should cost around €20, and will not be covered by Social Security prescription subsidy. The measure is intended to reduce Spain’s unwanted pregnancy and abortion figures, given that it has achieved significant reductions in countries where it is freely available, like France, Belgium, the UK, Denmark, Luxembourg, and the USA. InREAD MORE