The Met Office (AEMet) has put Tenerife on yellow alert for strong winds throughout the entire island (and indeed the whole archipelago), reaching gale force at sea. The alert is for winds with gusts of up to 80km per hour on land, and gale force 7 at sea, and lasts from 8am this morning until midnight tomorrow (Saturday) night. Although the whole of Tenerife will experience these gales, it will be the north-east and south-east coasts that will be worst affected.  Canarias24HorasREAD MORE

In May, it could have just been a blip, but it has happened in June as well: for the first time for a very long while, unemployment has come down very slightly in the Canaries, and in Spain as a whole.  Figures show that nationally, unemployment dropped by 1.53%, leaving 3,564,889 people unemployed. Here in the Canaries, the drop was 0.54%, meaning 1,336 fewer people out of work over the last month, though specifically in Tenerife, it rose very slightly, by 0.07%, or 80 individuals. Overall, there are 248,325 in the islands looking for employment. Bad enough, but at least there are the very slightestREAD MORE

The Summer Sales start today and will run until 31 August. Retailers fear that due to the economic crisis, August will be a very slow month, and that most consumers will do their sales shopping in July. Big reductions can therefore be anticipated in the second half of the period. Consumer advice organizations stress that shoppers should be very aware of their rights: items offered for sale must be the same as normally available, with the only difference being the lower price: price tickets must show the previous cost of the item as well as the sale amount; sale goods must also be in theREAD MORE

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero has been in the Canaries for a further crisis meeting with Paulino Rivero, President of the Regional Canarian Government (original post yesterday, immediately below). Zapatero announced that during 2009 and 2010, €162 million is to be allocated to the Canaries by Central Government to revive the islands’ economy and its tourism. The Spanish PM also announced the creation of a working group to implement the Economic and Fiscal System (Régimen Económico y Fiscal – REF) “for the new vision of diversification in the islands’ economy”. Zapatero said that the measures went way beyond a mere fight against the crisis and unemployment.READ MORE

As of Wednesday, 1 July, the electricity market in Tenerife, as throughout the whole of Spain, will be thrown open to competition. Unelco has sent out letters to all consumers explaining that according to Real Decreto 485/2009 dated 3 April, the old tariffs will disappear and consumers will be free to chose new operators to supply their electricity. The options are listed as an appendix to Unelco’s letter. The Canarian Government says that it is committed to the liberalization of the electricity market to improve competition between state-authorized commercial suppliers. The Director General of Energía, Adrián Mendoza, has urged consumers to “get used to beingREAD MORE

It’s a bargain and an incredible and rare discount! In a Summer Sale campaign, renowned Canarian constructor Gomasper is offering 30% off the sale price of 8 apartments in the beautiful Mirador del Atlantico complex in Chayofa. As can be expected with this builder, all apartments are ready to sign and fully legal, with Certificate of Completion, First Occupation Licence and Habitación all in place. Have a look HERE at the development. If you are thinking of an apartment in this exclusive and very pretty area, perfectly placed for access to airport, motorway, Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje, then don’t pass this up. You canREAD MORE