The Guardia Civil has arrested two Italian residents of Adeje for aggravated robbery in a Playa Paraiso supermarket on 4 August. The men, 43 and 46 years old, carried out their raid on the store around 9pm as it was about to close. Having tied up two employees and making them lie on the floor while threatening them with a knife, the thieves, wearing balaclavas, forced a third employee to open the safe, and made their getaway with €2,000 in cash. A customer who happened upon the crime was also tied up by the robbers. Thanks to the prompt and effective action of the GuardiaREAD MORE

The Spanish Interior Ministry, equivalent to the UK’s Home Office, has reminded all users of Pay As You Go mobile phones that they must register them within three months. It seems that several million PAYG users have not taken seriously the Government’s requirement to register their phones before 9 November, and users have now been reminded that if they fail to do so they will lose their telephone lines and numbers. The Ministry stressed that under Government legislation mobile phone operating companies will have no choice but to deactivate any SIM cards that have not been identified by 9 November. Registration is simple, and justREAD MORE

Puerto de la Cruz has shown itself to be an innovator yet again with the launch of a touristic and cultural TV via internet service. The digital channel,, is the first of this type in the Canaries, and one of the first in Spain as a whole. The service will be able to screen live broadcasts, as well as offer a range of videos of events and activities. It aims to reach the greatest number possible with information about the town, and it is hoped that the Channel will also be a great PR aid. It will be available in four languages, though whatREAD MORE

A further scandal has broken out as part of the Guardia Civil investigation into the Caso Arona, but this time it has nothing to do with possibly illegal classifications of land or illegal granting of licences. Rather, it involves a phone call made, and recorded by the police, by the President of the Canarian Government, Paulino Rivero, to the Mayor of Arona, José Alberto González Reverón, to request help in the President’s niece’s 2008 entrance examination for the Policía Local. Since the news emerged this week, neither President nor Mayor has been available to comment on the conversation, which recorded the President saying “one ofREAD MORE

Unemployment in the Canaries fell again in July, adding a slight but positive confirmation to May and June’s reduced figures, posted HERE. The drop represents 2,061 fewer individuals out of work throughout the Canaries in July, a 0.83% fall. In Tenerife alone, this translated to a drop of 0.30% and 334 more people in work than the previous month. Unemployment in the islands is still running at 246,264, and these are very pale green shoots, but they are positive signs that are being grasped at by many as early indications of the beginning of the recovery.  Canarias24HorasREAD MORE

It has transpired that the bomb threat was made by a man who rang 112 claiming to be speaking on behalf of the Basque separatist terrorist group ETA. The caller said that bombs had been planted in both TFN Los Rodeos and TFS Reina Sofia. Although TFN was closed, “a range of other measures” which have not been specified were taken in TFS. Police are still trying to trace the caller, and know that he was based in Tenerife when he made the hoax call. La Opinion Originally posted yesterday, 3 August: Panic and paralysis struck Los Rodeos (TFN), Tenerife’s north airport, at 10am thisREAD MORE