Update 24 March: Just a reminder for those who are interested that the Instituto Español de Oceanografía’s science vessel, the Ángeles Alvariño, will be in Los Cristianos today for the public to look around. Original post 19 February: I’ve posted before about “science ships”, which have often been sailing over the eruption area in El Hierro, taking samples, measuring gases, collecting lava fragments, etc. Now, the Tenerife Cabildo has announced the arrival in Tenerife of the Instituto Español de Oceanografía’s science vessel Ángeles Alvariño, which is heading back to El Hierro for a new study, but is stopping off here first to give the public a chance to haveREAD MORE

The body of a man was found in the early hours of today in a burnt-out car in the El Rosario area. There are no further details at present, but overnight, bomberos, Policía Local, Guardia Civil, and the judicial police to authorize the removal of the body have all been present at the scene.READ MORE

Update 21 March: Sanidad says that everything is now normalized at El Mojón, and all activities in outpatients and A&E have now been resumed. It appears that yesterday’s chemical smell was caused by a gas produced by a bottle of solvent. Original post 20 March: El Mojón outpatients departments have been closed today after the appearance just before 9am of a smell, described as “unbearable”, which caused throat irritation and difficulties in breathing for staff and patients alike. Authorities say that it appears to be a solvent, and the Canarian health department, Sanidad, has confirmed that the hospital has been completely evacuated, and all activity thereREAD MORE

It snarled up traffic to a considerable extent earlier today on the back road from Guaza to Los Cristianos, but in the end all was well. A GES rescue helicopter had to be used as well as police and ambulances to rescue a 69-year-old Norwegian woman who hurt her leg while walking on Guaza mountain around 1.30 this afternoon. The injury, however, was only slight, despite the assistance needed, and after being immobilized on a stretcher and winched into a helicopter, she was transferred by ambulance to Hospitén Sur for treatment.  READ MORE

The Canarian government has developed a website to centralise all financial resources available to entrepreneurs and businesses. Whether you are a sole trader who is after microcredit, a small business seeking an investment loan, a medium-sized business with grand designs, or even a loan for energy saving installations in existing premises, everything is now collected together HERE. What an excellent idea.READ MORE