A further scandal has broken out as part of the Guardia Civil investigation into the Caso Arona, but this time it has nothing to do with possibly illegal classifications of land or illegal granting of licences. Rather, it involves a phone call made, and recorded by the police, by the President of the Canarian Government, Paulino Rivero, to the Mayor of Arona, José Alberto González Reverón, to request help in the President’s niece’s 2008 entrance examination for the Policía Local. Since the news emerged this week, neither President nor Mayor has been available to comment on the conversation, which recorded the President saying “one ofREAD MORE

Unemployment in the Canaries fell again in July, adding a slight but positive confirmation to May and June’s reduced figures, posted HERE. The drop represents 2,061 fewer individuals out of work throughout the Canaries in July, a 0.83% fall. In Tenerife alone, this translated to a drop of 0.30% and 334 more people in work than the previous month. Unemployment in the islands is still running at 246,264, and these are very pale green shoots, but they are positive signs that are being grasped at by many as early indications of the beginning of the recovery.  Canarias24HorasREAD MORE

It has transpired that the bomb threat was made by a man who rang 112 claiming to be speaking on behalf of the Basque separatist terrorist group ETA. The caller said that bombs had been planted in both TFN Los Rodeos and TFS Reina Sofia. Although TFN was closed, “a range of other measures” which have not been specified were taken in TFS. Police are still trying to trace the caller, and know that he was based in Tenerife when he made the hoax call. La Opinion Originally posted yesterday, 3 August: Panic and paralysis struck Los Rodeos (TFN), Tenerife’s north airport, at 10am thisREAD MORE

National Police from Playa de las Américas have broken up what they call a national-level network engaged in the distribution of illegal pay-TV supply. This has been a national operation, but as far as south Tenerife is concerned, police say that they have dismantled an entire network supplying 3,000 users with various foreign pay-TV channels, charging a high monthly rental. In the operation, various hotel directors and residential community presidents have been arrested. The TV signal supply was organized through a network of cables arranged through individual terraces and facades of dwellings. Police say that the illegal supply was a very profitable business, which reliedREAD MORE

The Canarian Government’s Minister of Justice and Security, José Miguel Ruano, has announced that the La Palma fire, which has been raging since Friday evening, is now under control. With this announcement, the fire has been reclassified as Category 1, and the La Palma Cabildo resumes authority in the end game of extinguishing the flames, though this is itself no minor task and could take a full week. National level fire brigades will now be withdrawn, leaving the task in the capable hands of firefighters assigned to the Plan Forestal de Canarias, though for the moment these will be supported by air teams from otherREAD MORE

With temperatures falling and AEMet lifting the Yellow Heatwave Alert, the Tenerife Cabildo has lifted the ban on mountain activities. The taped-off recreational areas in the Forest Corona, Anaga and Teno will be re-opened, and farmers will once again be able to light agricultural fires provided they have Environmental Department authorization. Camping, hunting and walking will also be permitted again, as will fireworks, though some might consider this a step too far given the recent tragic events in La Palma. Despite the lifting of the Alert Plan, however, the Cabildo implored the public to take extreme precautions at all times in forest areas, and toREAD MORE