National Police arrested a young man in Santa Cruz around lunchtime yesterday for trying to throw his girlfriend off the Serrador bridge in the centre of the city whilst in the throes of an argument. Thankfully, a passer-by intervened and managed to stop him even as he was dragging the girl towards the edge. She managed to flee while another two passers-by called nearby patrol police. Police sources have confirmed that the girl was shaken, but not injured. Her boyfriend and aggressor was arrested at the scene and taken to the National Police Comisaría de Tres de Mayo, where proceedings have been instituted against him.  READ MORE

ATAN, the Tenerife Friends of Nature organization, has announced that the Dept of Costas is to take disciplinary action against the Abama Hotel for arbitrarily deciding to close the beach to the public while a private wedding party was being held. The wedding took place in July, and several people have complained that they were refused access to the beach, which they say is public property, and whose use must be guaranteed for all citizens. The Dept of Costas has clearly agreed with them. It won’t have helped that it was the Dept which had to turn up to re-open the beach, nor that theREAD MORE

Sad news has been released that a foreigner died around 11.30am yesterday after suffering a heart attack while swimming in a pool in Costa del Silencio. There are no details as yet, apart from that emergency services were called but were unable to do anything more than confirm his death at the scene. His body has been taken to the Forensic Institute for an autopsy to be performed.  La OpinionREAD MORE

Adeje Policía Local have arrested a British citizen identified as David Hughes, born in 1959, who had not only a Spanish Court warrant, but also an Interpol search order out for his arrest for counterfeiting and producing fake credit cards. It seems that Mr Hughes, who employed various false identities, tried to avoid arrest by arguing that he had lost his passport, but he was discovered to be the individual sought once he was taken into custody and his fingerprints were taken and checked. Along with the confirmation of identity came that of at least 18 prior convictions for violent behaviour and fraud, and summonesREAD MORE

The AH1N1 flu vaccination campaign will begin on 16 November, after agreement was reached earlier today by the Inter-territorial Health Council. Give or take a day or two, the campaign will be co-ordinated throughout all of Spain’s autonomous regions. As posted HERE on 1 September, the seasonal flu campaign was brought forward to 15 September so that it didn’t coincide with this campaign for AH1N1 (swine) flu. Groups considered most at risk will be vaccinated first, including health workers, essential service workers, pregnant women and the chronically ill over 6 months of age.  Canarias7READ MORE

A 58-year-old pyromaniac has just been sentenced to four years in jail and a €5,200 fine for starting a fire in La Esperanza in July 2008 which ended up destroying four hectares. The man has also been served a Court order to keep away from the municipality of El Rosario for 8 years. The sentence was handed out by the Sección Segunda of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Provincial Court.  El DiaREAD MORE