Police are seeking a con man who has swindled three tourists in Los Gigantes out of €2,000. The thief passed himself off as a police officer earlier this week when he approached the tourists asking to see their identity documents. On the three occasions known to the police, the holidaymakers were not carrying their passports, and they were asked for a credit card and its pin to confirm the name was correct. Having said that he was going to the bank to make the required checks, the supposed policeman headed for the nearest cashpoint and withdrew money. Who knows how many others were approached butREAD MORE

The body of a German woman in her mid-70s who had been staying in the Hotel Jardín Caleta was found floating in the sea near playa del Duque, in Adeje, around lunchtime today. Emergency services were called out, and a lifeboat recovered the body and took it to shore in Los Cristianos harbour, but it was all too obvious that nothing could be done except to confirm that the person was already dead. An autopsy is being carried out to determine the exact cause of death, but with no signs of violence, it seems likely that it was a simple and tragic case of drowning.READ MORE

Policía Local, Bomberos and helicopter rescue services carried out a spectacular operation yesterday to save a man and his daughter who had been fishing on a rocky outcrop near the Hotel Maritim in the Los Realejos municipality. The pair had become cut off when they became surrounded by water on the north Tenerife coast. Apparently the little girl thought it was all a great adventure, though the father had been told by passers by that he would end up in danger.  Diario de Avisos http://www.diariodeavisos.com/diariodeavisos/imgcache/279009_w400READ MORE

The planned connection from the TF1 extension to the new port at Fonsalía has suffered a setback with the €4,500,000 funds for the project being diverted to one for a road connecting Arrecife with Tahíche, in Lanzarote, it has emerged.  A considerable part of the excavation for the motorway spur, as well as some bridge and road construction, has already taken place, and the plans look set to leave these works in their unfinished state at least throughout 2010. The photo above shows the project for the new port, which covers the entire coast between Alcalá and Playa San Juan. The mayor of Guía deREAD MORE

Diego is back home, under sedation and psychiatric care. He is also in despair. He says the police treated him appallingly, which is perhaps understandable given what they had been told about the child’s death, but perhaps the most incredible part of his account is that they seem to have taken the little girl to a doctor after she fell off the swing. This doctor sent her home, saying that there was “no need for x-rays or anything”, and that she would be running around as normal in a few days. A few days later, of course, Diego took her to hospital, and his nightmareREAD MORE

Adeje’s official Christmas programme has been unveiled, with some of the most eagerly-awaited events as follows. The full programme, in pdf format, is HERE. 4 December: 5 pm, inauguration of the municipal Belén (Nativity scene). Adeje Cultural Centre exhibition hall. 8.30 pm, IV International Gospel Festival, with Gospel group Aba Taano. Adeje Cultural Centre Auditorium. 15 December: 8 pm, Christmas Carol concert with Adeje’s folklore groups. Adeje Cultural Centre Auditorium. 16 December: 7.30 pm, Open air Christmas carol concert with the “Amigos of Adeje”. Adeje town centre. 19 December: 7 pm, Christmas Concert with the Banda de la Asociación Patronato Musical de la Histórica VillaREAD MORE